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Let this One Be The Last

by Ramesh
(Kochi, India)

Curses from the heavens do not mean much
for neither do I owe or gain from these as such
Sins I do, may last for ages
for I hold them all, for all my work, deeds and wages
But for I cannot carry this; the rays
that shine from the drop
which peeped from your beautiful eyes,
never have I seen so strong a heart,
who's tough I dared to face
never have I seen so pure a heart,
who's trust i sinned to wash

Just a forgotten facts, I thought I said,
not the ones to hurt..
but far away in mars I sat,
I failed to understand this venus' heart
for i am gaining strength, to carry the weight all way
alone till the heaven's way
and I do not wish for forgiveness to set me all free,
but all through the path,
deep of my heart will I always want to Say
for all I did to this, for no's curts and hurts,
I am Very Very Sorry..
I am Very Very Sorry, I am so Very Very

The End

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Oct 20, 2011
by: preetha

Enjoyed reading this beautiful poem.

Sep 25, 2011
Thank the thought
by: Ramesh

Thank U very much Isable

Sep 23, 2011
by: isabel

Enjoyed reading this poem but most of all your beautiful comment and Shruti...
You both are masters of poetic words.

Sep 22, 2011
Thank you Very much
by: Ramesh

In remorse, it is not the forgiveness i want...
though the thought has left me in haunt....
To who it is, may that heart know, but not to quell...
for me it is to, see to it, for peace to swell...

Not the last, but as it is, for not to last..
past it is, but not the one to give up so fast..
Not for the flower, that I do to sow the seed...
nor the fruit , for that I do to sow my deed...

Sep 22, 2011
A soulful poem
by: Shruti

In remorse, forgiveness you yearn....
In due course, love you will earn....
To who is it, your heart knows deep down...
But as it is "you", there will be no frown...

Let this One Be The Last, as you have said....
But, "last" never lasts, somewhere I have read....
Life is a short-lived beauty, a blossoming flower....
Choose the petals over thorns, and become life's lover....

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