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Life As A Wallflower

by Sambhabi Naskar
(Kolkata, West Bengal, India)

I have always been an obscure thing for people to be used and thrown away
A living-breathing thing; maybe not always so inanimate
I hide my vulnerable flesh and soul inside an armor of sharp bones
From the intricate cruelties of life
My mind goes back to my picture-perfect past
To the rocky road of carelessness,
And the harsh wastelands of foolishness
But nothing is as it seems, as the saying goes
In my mind, the future held a lot of promises
Maybe not of peace, love, acceptance, or freedom
But an illusion of those things
So I have come to accept myself as I am
A phantom, or a spectre that passes by
Unseen and unheard, but a charmed life of a wallflower
Offers a lot of shelter and security
And at least, there is a promise of solace and serendipity
A chance for me to bloom in the blessed darkness,
And when my life will come a full circle,
When I will be freed from everything.


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