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Life Changing Experience - contd..

by Yash Nandakumar Shinde
(Mumbai, India)

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The College timings were from till 4.30 p.m. and holidays on Saturday and Sunday. Without wasting any time by joining bad company, Dad used to concentrate on his studies to achieve his goal. To keep his inspiration going on in studies, he used to see the family photo before going to bed. He used to sleep just for six hours, and the remaining time he concentrated on his studies, which he continued even when he went home on holidays. In addition, he worked there like before, unlike me only resting and enjoying the holidays. Finally, he passed his 3 year diploma in 1983, securing a First Class, and thus Grandpa’s dream was fulfilled.


Dad got a job in Alore in the first attempt itself, with a good salary. He used to travel for 3 hours by bus from Margathamane to Alore. Gradually, the financial condition at home was improved, eventually his brothers too completed their studies and got into employments. A year later, Dad got married and in the following years his brothers too got married and well settled in life.

Now you all know why Dad says ‘I want to give everything that I didn’t get in childhood’. Dad is my superhero. According to me, anyone can be a superhero with supernatural power, but Dad had only his hard work and trust in himself that changed the future of a family. In the year 1995, the small mud house was replaced by a big bungalow, with all modern facilities.

The grand success of his family was purely because of the hard work and determination of the family members, without giving up their hope, in the most difficult days. It’s a great journey from nothing to everything. Unfortunately today Grandma is not alive, she passed away on 12 Nov 2011. The big bungalow is named ‘Mahakalpa’ which is the combined names of Grandpa’s ‘Mahadeo’ and Grandma’s ‘Kalpana’.

‘Humans die, but memories live forever’.

In 1975 where fire took away everything and left only ashes and Dark future, 20yrs of Struggle and Hard work changed it to a big bungalow, and all are well settled in life with happiness.

“Life isn’t about finding yourself, Life is about creating yourself.”


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Aug 15, 2017
by: Your Name:

Nice one

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- By admin

Jul 11, 2017
superb, heart touching true story
by: Your Name:

read all with keen interest,bcase everything is so beautifully written. Hats of to writer !!

Jun 10, 2015
by: Meera

I love your story, it is incredibly moving and uplifting. You are an amazing writer and your father is a remarkable man.

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