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Life is a hope

by Sangeetha C
(Bengaluru, Karnataka, India)

Life is a hope which never ends!

Life is not race, you make it..
Life gets bitter, you have to taste it..
Life is not full of sweetness,
you never sort it..
Life is a hope, never end it..

Dreams are the part of a life..
Gives u a hope to touch the high of the sky..
Never give up which downs you to die..
Life is a hope, never says bye..
Let the world say what they want..
Think about the success which you want..
Be ready to make a path of your own..
Life is a hope, gives you a owth..

Stop your tears, wash your fears..
Nothing is more important then your self-respect..
Let's stand in the battle, step on the throne..
Life is a hope, get's what you never expect..

Where your path gets vanish,
try to step a new way..
Where your words fails the heart,
try to speak with silence..
Nothing is better then saying move-on
Life is a hope, keeps you go on..

Before someone gives hope to you,
Always try to be with yourself first..
Before someone takes a stand for you,
Try to take a stand for yourself first..
Life is a hope, needs a trust..

One moment comes in your life,
To choose this or that..
That is the weak point of your emotions,
Which takes decision to choose with a broken heart..
Life is a hope, line to restart...

Choose what you want,
Keep aside the world..
Stand alone in the rain,
But don't let your willpower get down..
Then take a step through the tough,
Life is a hope, give it a touch..

Here starts the success story,
Where you get a smile with the glory..
Where Whole world starts to read your history,
This should be your victory..

Says everyone should have their identity,
That's the reason, why they say
Life is a hope, which never ends...


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