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Life will be Life and Two other Poems

by Snehalata Mishra Vishwakarma
(Bangalore, India)

1. Life will be life!

There is no guarantee,
this life will be easy
Time may be tough,
Relations may be rough
When you think, why?
When no tears left to cry
When you don’t know you
Inside, just see through
So, what nobody calls you dear
Have a discussion with your fear
So, what, if you are needy
So, what, if you made your best mistake
Give & get, it’s not give & take
but through it all
always, always stand tall
never turn, never run
Trust the hurt, don’t hurt the trust
Don’t regret, give your best
Nobody lost, nothing to be won
You get the deserved, not the desired
Just come out of the mental prison
Life is not a game
Don’t be desperate to win it
Follow your dream, be in it!

2. Mine.

It was so lovely, so shining
Can I describe it enough?
Matchless was my sweetheart!
missing somewhere in self-being
I should have let it go rough
Perhaps, it was too much care!
It was the bonding, not a bondage
Bouts were just the mere
Everything was so dreamy
Souls knew the way, but
The mind defeated it miserably
I thought I know it well
nodding was easier, but
Misperception created a shell
I believed love is an art,
Can’t be perfected, never be completed
Through this endless lane, we fell apart
And one fine day
Trust and ego reasoned
and declared to walk away
someone has rightly said
we can miss something
but not want it back.

3. I wish I could…

I wish I could go back in time,
To live that slice of life with you
When we saw each other,
And linked a blissful bonding
We were together all the time,
In the mind & in the heart
It was just never ending
So much I said,
Still, I have a lot to say
Our bond just gets stronger each passing day
I can feel your touch
When we met for the first time
I could feel the entire world
And as if it was all mine,
moments are always in my eyes,
As if it all happened yesterday
You expressed your feelings,
And I too did not deny
With you, I am always filled with joy.


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Jul 08, 2019
very nice poem
by: Your Name:mayank

Heart touching Lines written by Sneha.

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