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Lines to My Son

by Nandini Sahu
(New Delhi, India)

Oh Snow White’s Prince! Your tender hands
are smothered to carry me off the lanes of life;
you awaken my world-weary heart
to musingly jingle the jingle bells.

You are my future’s melody in yearning
the gentle humour of my heart
I owe you all these gifts ,these mortal joys
these reds, blues and greens each morning.

For you I have embellished dreams beyond time itself
the singing birds, the speaking trees
the Nature that sings streams with brooks
the odours of flowers and the leaf.

Be the honey-bee, treasure the bright smiles for vision
today a home in the moon isn’t of course a fiction
grasp time’s timeless dreams for you
the glory of future, the triumph of truth be your tune.

And if ever, dear, if ever, you, the wayfarer
get trapped in the illusions life may offer
look back, hold my hands
in your memory’s lane I would be eternally alive.

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