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Littoral Through My Lenses

by Anuradha Nambiar
(Bangalore, India)

Silver Surf,
Sparkles of hopes
Strengthen the fire within...
Sobbing sundown
Strikes out sorrows, struggles voraciously,
Swallows the past, that cease to flee,
Surrender thyself in her arms.

Moonlight shower shiny strings
Milky bubbles caressing the sand...
Splashes of bliss, slosh the bundle of love...
Song of rejoice, seagulls’ breathe...
Tinkle of her silver anklets,
Empty seamen’s loneliness.
Frosty wind wrapped in salty muslin cloth
Blow the scent of wisdom.

But one heard her cry inside,
Magma bulge,
Anger flow through the vent...
Earthling’s faded sin...
Dark integument stills her sheen.

A new sun light, another day...
A day of rousing...
Roaring rough waves
Thrashed the last bit of the land
And she bawled and bawled

A long silence then…


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Oct 28, 2015

"Milky bubbels caressing the sand"
So beautifully said.

the pain of love always eternal

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