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Lockdown and Job

by Nikita Munshi
(Mumbai, India)

Shit Just Got Real, But You've Got This!

Yes, 1.3 billion* of us Indians have stayed home for almost 2 months. Albeit it was probably the best thing for us and the only one that we could have done to help the situation.

I’m typically not an optimist, but given the situation and the fact that everything around us seems so gloomy, I’m taking my dig at being one. For the privileged lot of us, all we do is “feel bad” whilst scrolling our news feed, reading articles and seeing an occasional video or image on the “migrant” situation, some of us even make donations to various NGOs to help in our own way to better things. Yet, in our minds and hearts we know that maybe the worst is yet to come.

Given that we’ve been stuck in lock down with a little bit more time from our usual working schedules here’s a few things to ponder on:

That job that you always complained about? Be thankful you have it! Because 23.5% ** of the Indian population is currently unemployed.

Since you’re home bound and have probably just been interacting with your friends and colleagues on video call, you now have a higher amount of flexibility to decide your schedule. The reduced interaction will also mean that you’re largely responsible for your own emotions, thus shifting the responsibility of being happy on ourselves!

And for yourself, while we all know and unanimously agree that “lock down” is not a productivity contest, or an extended season of Master Chef, it’s also true that if you have not developed a single skill or practiced some of your existing ones, then maybe you need to take a check on your motivation levels.

Most importantly what you really need to ask yourself is- After witnessing and living through one of the largest catastrophes of this century, in what way have you become a better person?

It’s definitely not a great time for anyone, but it’s just what you make of it. Life is never really going to throw us an opportunity like this again, we don’t actually have to crave “me” time, when we have ample opportunity to be thankful for the small and the large things, and where we have a chance to develop and enhance our personalities. So go on & slay!



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