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Lost and Found in UK streets

by Indrani Das Gupta
(London, UK)

After I quit my permanent job and moved to live in UK, I had this part time job to pick and drop my daughter to school by bus No 95. One evening, just as I reached the bus stand, I saw the bus close the door and start moving. As it was moving pretty slow, very much due to the heavy traffic, I decided to run and catch it in the next stop. The next stop is not too far. I started running with pauses from time to time, panting heavily. It was really tough for a woman in her late 30's to run and catch a bus.

I hardly ever ran after I passed school. I hardly exercise and the only form of physical activity involved in my mundane life was to pick and drop my daughter from school. I should have listened to my daughter and visited the gym regularly. It would have saved me in such emergencies. But somehow I was lucky and managed to catch the bus in next stop. Just as I was about to board the bus, a co passenger pointed out that something had dropped from my pocket. I looked behind to find one of my gloves on the street far away. I had to take a decision real fast(felt like solving a production abend in IT industry that I worked for a decade)- Go back to pick the glove and miss the bus OR leave the glove and board the bus to pick my daughter. I chose the latter. My co passenger must have thought it real weird. She was an Indian lady and sensing from my attire that I too must be an Indian, notified me in pure Hindi about my missing glove. By her facial expression I could easily understand that it surprised her to see me leave my belonging behind. Buses come every 10-15 minutes. As for me, definitely my daughter was my utmost priority.

I too was sad to part with my companion who had been with me since my wintry days in USA. I had lived in USA for nearly four years. I called my husband and requested him to look for the glove while he returned from office. He follows the same route. But as you know, 'Everything comes with a price'. He agreed to recover my lost item in exchange for home cooked biriyani. I immediately agreed to pay the ransom as I could not bear the thought of leaving my long faithful friend.

A scary thought crossed my mind 'What if someone takes it? ….. I don't think so!!! What use would be one glove?'

I remembered a story I read as a child . A young boy was walking down the village road when he found one slipper in good condition. He picked it up but threw it in the pond thinking what good would one slipper be. He could not just wear one. After walking some distance he found the other slipper. He cursed himself for throwing away the first slipper. As per human nature, I don't think anyone will bother to take just one glove unless he has lost one glove from his pair. Chances of this co-incidence was very less. I relied on my knowledge of probability learnt in college. I guess poison distribution is what it is called(very less chances of an event happening)!

Biriyani had its own power on Bengalis, so I was pretty sure that my husband will leave no stone unturned to bring it back. His love for biriyani might even make him buy a new pair if he does not find the lost one. Who knows !

My husband returned from office with the lost glove in hand like a hero. I applauded him for his great achievement. Immediately sanitised the glove with wipes and kept it with the other glove. How happy i am to find you back, my glove !!!!

We are now having biriyani together and the gloves are hand in hand. All's well that ends well !


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Apr 09, 2015
by: Deepthi

Hiii Indrani.....very nice story made out of a normal everyday've got good writing talents!!! I will show it to nanditha!!!

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