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Lost in Kids Land

by Rupani Kamini

"Oh GOODDD"!!!! I pleaded helplessly! The screaming and shouting, the running around of kids up and down the classroom was draining all my energies.

This wreck I had become after a loonnng week of five days at a nursery. It all started with my enthusiasm to do something, something worthwhile. Since I already have a couple of kids of my own, I thought teaching kids would be a "cake walk", although what a cake walk is, is something I never really understood. "Mom join my school. I can flaunt you to all my friends," said my seven year old son earnestly. My two year old daughter came hugging to me with her thumb in her mouth, lisping "My school, not bhaiya's" and dear husband of mine asked for a zillionth time whether I would be able to do it. Well yes ! I was determined to go ahead. So the D day came and I started thrilled. Next day was good too, Third got a little tiring, Fourth was frustrating, and Now on the Fifth and Last day of the week, I knew the kids are driving me up the wall !! Now I'm counting the minutes till this class ends and all the troublesome kids go home so that I can feel my mind functioning normally again. Maybe I should give up, call it quits, the end, goodbye forever and ever.!

Yes, these were my thoughts on a Friday, but next two days made me think over and over and over again. I didn't want to leave "retired hurt" as they say in cricketing terms. So what was the next best option? I know I'll take my ear plugs and listen to my music while they mess around. "Good Idea"!! I thought smiling to myself. NO,I can't do that, it won't do. Maybe I should be strict like a matron, and the scary vision of my matron came into my mind. I could be like her, I thought with a cunning sadistic look on my face and a smile to match.

Oh, but I couldn't do That !!! I hated my matron, I didn't want my "kids" to hate me ! Noooo !! I know I'll ask hubby dearest. And as usual he had the solution. Seeing I was all worked up, he held my hand and said as gently as his tone would allow, "Just be Yourself". "You're good with our kids. In fact a bit too lenient for my liking, but you're good, just be your natural self!" That's when things in my mind started falling in place. I knew I could make it work, or at least for the sake of my husband's belief in me. However misplaced it may be, I will see to it that I do justice to what I have taken up.

For that, the first thing I need would be to build a whole lot of patience, and I thought to myself with a smile, that I might need patience to built that patience !

Well..The Journey begins.....

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Nov 07, 2013
by: vimala ramu

Once you get to know and understand each kid, teaching them becomes real fun. Enjoy while you can.

Nov 03, 2013
Thanking you
by: kamini

Would like to thank Safia and Reyna for reading n appreciating my efforts...Thank you :)

Nov 01, 2013
by: Reyna

And m certain the journey is going to be brilliant!

Loved the title...twas a fun read!

Looking forward to hearing more about your unique journey...

Oct 31, 2013
Fun read
by: Safia

Nice humorous story !Enjoyed it.

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