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Lost Words...

by Isabel Cecilia Pascual
(Manila, Philippines)

Bamboo leaves

Do I think of thee?
Or it's just the falling rain that reminds me of you
And of days long gone

Is it the falling rain?
Or it's just my tears rolling, flowing continuously
Like the sudden beating of my heart?

Was it the sudden roar of the thunder that I hear?
Or my heart that I once offered you
The same heart that I carry within me

Encaged within this mortal form that I am now
A reflection I can not recognize
Or was it the wan and pale cheeks

Was it the shaded look in my eyes?
Or the secret longing gaze
And the sad drooping of the corner of my lips

My memories of you lay scattered along the lanes
Like those fallen autumn leaves drifting...
Where we used to walk under the moonlit sky

Those were the nights we used to share
When we can only hear the singing of the cicadas
Enveloped in the darkness except for occasional radiance from Venus.

Those were just bits and pieces of the past
Like those faded photographs kept somewhere in the attic
Covered with cobwebs and layers of dust

No, I do not want to remember at all
It's just the falling rain that keeps falling from the sky
Or was it just my tears?

No, I don not want my heart to beat again
I'll just lay here beneath the barren branches
As the sky turns dark and bleak

I shall wait for the last drop of rain to fall
Then whisper these *words* once more
As I close my eyes at last!

The End

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Dec 07, 2016
by: preetham

Beautifully transformed emotions...luvd readn

Feb 11, 2012
Beauty !!!
by: Sahil

Loved reading it.Overall A very Beautiful Poem !

Dec 23, 2011
Thank you...
by: isabel

Thank you for the appreciation Geeta...

Dec 16, 2011
by: Geetashree Chatterjee

Beautiful verse

Dec 02, 2011
thank you Sneha
by: isabel

Beautiful verse
by: Sneha

Emotionally charged. . . Artistically embossed. Beautiful.....


Thank you Sneha... Been raining a lot here lately, must be the prevalent sombre atmosphere that influenced and moved me write this poem.

('twas so dark and cold... and damp due to the constant rainfall, one could not do anything but to sit in a corner and brood... or crochet for a while.)

Nov 27, 2011
Beautiful verse
by: Sneha

Emotionally charged. . . Artistically embossed. Beautiful.....

Nov 26, 2011
thank you Vimala
by: isabel

It must be the rain and my rusty memories :)

Nov 24, 2011
by: vimala

A highly emotional poem, Isabel.Keep at it.

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