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Love is a Wave

by Dr. B.R. Nagpal
(Delhi, India)

Love is a wave,

arising from the unseen to the seen,

transmitting ripples.

Cleansing, rousing

bodies to their inner quest.

Then begins in trickles,

new wakefulness,

like the ticking of an alarm clock.

The cycle continues

as the soothing fragrance spreads.

Like the wind that gyrates

leaves of a rotating tree.

Like the sparkling water

that falls from the placid waterfall.

Like the lightning

that tears the clouds

turns into mild raindrops.

Love funnels,

appears like the wreaths of marigold, lilies

that sprout from the festive earth.

Shoots like the gigantic cypress

that rises towards the sky.

It continues to flow

in its subtle form.

It has an enigmatic glow.

Lovers in their upsurge,

tread the path of awareness

to consummate towards reverence.

Not measuring the experience

by gold, diamonds,

but as a token of grace

from the lord.


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