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Love Makes Life Richer

by Vaman Acharya
(Bengaluru, India)

It was on 23rd May, 1999, Delhi- Bengaluru train was moving very fast suddenly stopped at a station, where the train was not supposed to stop. The reason was crossing of another train. The time was six in the morning. Some passengers were in sound sleep and others in sleepy mood. Sudden stopping of the train created fear among them. The tea and coffee vendors disturbed the passengers, who were in the sleeping coach woke up. Two passengers were in conversation and enjoying a sip of coffee.

“Pavanpur is just five kilometers away from here.”

“Can you tell me why Pavanpur is famous?”

“ The town is famous for Anjana River, Vayuputra Hill, ancient Anjaneya temple, Vanara Lake and beautiful sunset scene. Indian and foreign tourists visit the place except in the rainy season. Pavanpur is in the tourist map of south India.”

Pranav Sharma a Delhite young man heard their conversation. He decided to visit Pavanpur. Being a writer, a nature lover and photographer, he likes beautiful nature and famous tourist spots. He was a recipient of many awards. Pranav changed his travel programme and got down in Pavanpur station. It was his first visit to Pavanpur town. He was aware that he didn’t know the local language Kannada. He thought, he can manage with Hindi and English. But for a stranger the new place certainly pose a number of problems. He may not get room to stay. People of the town may see him with suspicion and hesitate to co-operate. Pranav was prepared to face problems. His only purpose was to know everything about Pavanpur and write a pictorial book.

The earlier plan was to register his name for PhD course in Bengaluru University. Everything changed after his visit to Pavanpur. He was interested to know the wonderful spots in Pavanpur. He had decided to stay just a fortnight to finish his task. As soon as he got down at Pavanpur station, he saw a big board ‘Welcome to Pavanpur’ and beneath a brief information about the attractive spots was given. He stopped there for a while. Pranav was happy to know the beauty of the town. He came out of the platform and saw Hotel Dwaraka just opposite the railway station. A local man who was there told him that it was the only good hotel in the town.

He went inside the hotel. Luckily, Pranav got a single room in the hotel. It was difficult to get a room in this hotel. The owner Mahendra Tiwari was impressed to know his purpose of visit. He collected the basic information about the town from the owner of the hotel. He suggested Pranav to meet Sunayana his daughter who help the tourists as a guide. Pranav expressed thanks to him.

Mahendra liked his soft nature and interest to know about the town. Hotel Dwaraka was managed by Mahendra and his only daughter Sunayana. She had completed MBA from Bengaluru college three years back. Sunayana was helping her father in the business and spare time for guiding the tourists to explain about the tourist spots. She hires a bus having thirty seats capacity. Kashinath was a driver for each trip. For every tourist, she charge on a package basis. Her charges include apart from transportation, tiffin, coffee, breakfast and lunch under the shade of trees. Tourists had feeling of potluck. Sunayana had restricted this service only on Saturday and Sunday. These two days would be decided depending upon the online booking of tourists. Guide service was free. Tourists were happy to spend the time in the abode of nature.

Hotel business was increased only on account of Sunayana’s capability to attract the customers. Before Sunayana’s entry in the business it was running under loss. Mahendra came to Pavanpur about three decades back. He did all types of business and finally stick up to hotel. He incurred heavy loss in all the business. Sunayana recovered earlier losses and gained profit every year due to her innovative ideas.

During the conversation between Mahendra and Pranav, Sunayana was present.

Pranav said, “Sir, I am native of Delhi. I am a writer, a nature lover and photographer. I would like to write a pictorial book on Pavanpur’s natural spots and the habits and culture of the people.”

Mahendra was happy to know that Pranav belonged to Delhi, because he too was born and brought up in Delhi. It was a natural affection between them. He wanted to help Pranav.

“Pranav, I am happy that you have taken up a good job. I too belong to Delhi. Meet my daughter Sunayana . She will help you. She is a professional
guide. By this time, she might have given this service to hundreds of tourists. But you have to be in the group as a tourist. She will explain everything to you everything about Pavanpur. Before that I would like to tell you that you have to maintain time. You have to start early in the morning. Breakfast, coffee and lunch is arranged on the way. You may carry your camera, mobile and notebook.”

Pranav shook hands with Mahendra and Sunayana.

“Sunayana be careful while walking on the hill,” Said Mahendra with a smile.

“Dad you know pretty well that I am doing this job for the last three years. Every time, you caution me, “ replied smilingly.

Pranav was surprised and thrilled to get Sunayana as a guide.

“Sunayana madam, I am happy that you are helping me in my mission. Before coming to this place, I had a fear in my mind that how to stay in an unknown place, language and people. Thank you for your timely help.”

“Pranav, I express my happiness to meet an extraordinary person like you. I will try to guide you whatever is possible for me. Let us meet tomorrow at 9 a. m. here.”

“Madam, Before saying goodbye, I would like to know the distance of nature’s spots from the Pavanpur town.”

“Anjana river is three kilometers and situated in west. Vayuputra hill is four kilometers away in the east. Anjaneya temple and Vanara lake is just two kilometers towards the north. In the evening the sunset scene is wonderful.”

“Thank you madam.”

He paid advance amount. The hotel boy took him to the room. In the night, he could not sleep and thinking the attractive personality of Sunayana. She had fair complexion, curly long black hair, lean and about five feet six inch height. She looked beautiful with silk saree and bindi on her forehead. He thought Sunayana had excellent entrepreneurship qualities. Sunayana took the hotel business as a challenge. She was successful in her efforts within three years. For a moment, he forgot about his mission. He was thinking seriously that if Sunayana agreed to become his life partner, he would be most

happiest person. He didn’t know the time when he went to sleep. In his dream also, Sunayana was appearing with a smile.

The tourists who want to take services of Sunayana must register their names at least three days before through online. The tourists were restricted to thirty. The following day being Thursday, the required tourists including Pranav were ready to proceed at 9 a m sharp. Sunayana was punctual. Pranav and other members boarded the vehicle. The first spot was towards Anjana river and Vayuputra hill. Those who want to take a bath in the river allowed and they have to follow rules. The bus left Hotel Dwaraka at 9 a m and reached river spot at 10 a m. Immediately, after getting down the breakfast and coffee was ready. Both spots located in the same area. By the time everybody seen the time was 5 p m. The bus returned to hotel and reached 6 p m. All the tourists occupied their respective rooms. It was announced that the next day everybody must ready at 9 a m before the entrance of the hotel. At that point of time, Pranav raised objection. Let all the take a rest for one day and finish the remaining spots following day. Sunayana asked the opinion of all. Everybody told in one voice that the trip should not be postponed for a day keeping in view of the expenditure. Pranav expressed sorry for his behaviour. The second day trip was over as per the schedule. Tourists enjoyed lot on the last day. On that day, Pranav unknowingly had to cut a sorry figure. Sunayana came to his rescue. On the final day, Pranav gave an impressive lecture highlighting the two days hectic programme. Everybody appreciated Pranav for his concluding day lecture. Sunayana was most happy to know the wonderful knowledge of Pranav. She was thinking in the heart of heart that Pranav would be a most suitable life partner for her. She thought her entrepreneurship qualities and his wisdom come together create wonders. But it was not easy for her. Mahendra had already in mind a boy from their community. Sunayana did not give consent to this proposal.

One day it was the talk of the town that Pranav a tourist from Delhi eloped Sunayana, whereabouts were not known. Police acted on the basis of complaints lodged by Mahendra and utterly failed in their efforts.

Pranav and Sunayana had proved that everything happens for a reason.

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Feb 03, 2020
Reply to missing links
by: Vaman Acharya

Idon't think these are the missing links. In a short short story narration of everything is not oossible. It is necessary to keep the suspense in a story.

Feb 01, 2020
Missing links
by: Vishalakshi

While reading the short story, I observed few missing links. The protoganist Pranav Sharma went to Pavanpurfor a specefic purpose know about the nature spots and write a pictotorial book. Whether he achieved his goal or not? When the young man and young girl loved each other, what was the necessity of elopement? These links are missed in the short storay.

Jan 30, 2020
Adventure of a young man
by: Your Name:

It's a story of an young writer and
photographer, who visited Pavanpur a tourist
centre. Whether he was successful in his
efforts or something diffent happened?

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