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Lovers and the Train Robbery

by Vaman Acharya
(Bengaluru, India)

It was midnight. Chennai- Mumbai

express train was moving fast. In the first class air condition compartment, a young man was alert even at midnight. He was giving instructions to his group members on some important mission. The train was just one kilometer behind Solapur station, all of a sudden the train was halted. He along with the team members jumped into action. After 60 seconds the train starts moving. A lonely young woman was terribly shocked. Her briefcase containing gold ornaments and other valuables disappeared. The lady was the victim of a train robbery. She woke up due to mild jerking when the train started moving. She took all the precautions to keep the briefcase safely.

One of the passengers rushed towards her and said,

"Madam, there is a professional gang operating here. This is a spot, where the gang strikes and finishes in just one minute. Police force is incompetent to arrest the robbers."

He moved a little further.

The young man, who was with the team, stopped him from spreading rumors. The person who was abusing police became angry and started an argument with the young man. He was trembling, when he came to know that the young man was Karthik, a police officer. One constable was told to bring him to the police station.

The young lady bought the gold ornaments and other valuables in Chennai. Young man was surprised to see her. She was a classmate in college and is now meeting her after two years. He remembered the romantic moments spent with her in different locations like park, beach, hotel and cinema hall. Lovers parted for a period of two years. During this time, they were busy in higher studies. He felt very much as she was the victim of train robbery. The young lady was astonished to see Karthik.

“Hi, Anupama, how are you? What happened to you?"

“Karthik, I am in deep trouble. I lost my briefcase containing gold ornaments and other valuables that were looted by the robbers."

He sat besides her.

"Anupama, I'm sorry to hear this ugly incident. Don't worry. Have faith in God. I assure you that I will catch hold of the robbers and recover the gold ornaments and other valuables."

"Karthik, I came to know from your conversation that you are a police officer. How can you say with confidence that the robbers would be traced?"

"Anupama, I am an I P S officer on probation and working as a Superintendent of Police, Solapur. This area comes under our jurisdiction. This one minute operation is really challenging for me."

" Karthik, I have some doubts. If you are a police officer, why are you in civil dress? Why did you fail in your duty to stop this robbery."

"Anupama, , you will come to know the truth soon. I assure you need not worry."

"Karthik, now I am hoping to get back my gold ornaments and other valuables."

"Anupama, you have to get down at Solapur to lodge a complaint in the police station.

She agreed. She had another problem. At midnight, being a lonely woman, how to spend the rest of the night in an unknown place. Karthik realised her problem and arranged a lodge meant for ladies only.

Anupama was not happy with the worst condition of
the lodge. It was an old building with broken furniture. She had to spend the rest of the night without sleep due to a mosquito bite. In the morning after the bath, she vacated the lodge. Karthik was waiting for her in the hotel for breakfast. After breakfast both went to the Police station. She lodged a first information report (FIR) mentioning all the details. Karthik helped her return journey to Mumbai by flight from Pune airport. The departure of the flight was at 10 p m. The journey between Solapur and Mumbai is four hours by road. Anupama spent most of the time with Karthik. During their conversation, both of them shared old memories of college days and romance between them. Anupama after completing first class joined Siddhartha Law College, Mumbai as a lecturer. Karthik was an average student in the college and got just minimum marks for the promotion to higher class. But his luck turned entirely from post graduation course in law and thereafter selection of I P S. competitive examination followed by viva in first attempt. Five hours before the departure of flight, Anupama left Solapur by taxi. Karthik said bye to her. She expressed thanks to him for extending all the help. Karthik told her that he would inform the progress.

The next morning, the person who was brought from the train was in police custody to face the enquiry. He was one of the gang members of dacoits, who arranged the escape of them with booty. During the course of enquiry he refused to accept his crime. Karthik warned him to reveal the place, where the dacoits were hiding otherwise face the cruel torture from the police. His efforts to prove himself as innocent were failed. The police start beating him. Ultimately, he opened his mouth and revealed the secret place, where they were hiding. Police team led by Karthik went to their hidden place. When they reached the place, there was only one dacoit instead of two. Out of three members of the dacoit team one was left in the train and the duo left with booty. While getting down from bogie one of them died in a police encounter. The other fellow, who was possessing the booty escaped. Karthik was aware of this fact. The person in custody gave the information partially correct. Police achieved success after the hectic efforts of six hours conducted by Karthik. The dacoit refused to accept the crime. When police started to beat him, he accepted his crime and handed over the booty to Karthik. He was arrested and taken him to custody for further investigation. The police department appreciated Karthik for his sincere efforts to arrest the dacoits of the train robbery within a short period of three days.

Karthik spoke to Anupama over the phone and informed her of the good news. He also told her to come to the police station, Solapur on coming Monday at 11 a m and collect the gold briefcase containing ornaments and other valuables. Anupama arrived Solapur on the appointed date and collected the gold ornaments and other valuables.

Lovers joined together because of a train robbery and achieved two purposes. Anupama joined her lover after two years. Karthik elevated to the higher cadre for successfully handling the train robbery.

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Dec 02, 2020
by: Your Name: Vaman Acharya

Thank you mr. Deepak for you comment

Dec 02, 2020
by: Your Name:deepak

Nice. Would like you to write for us. Please contact us at

Jul 25, 2020
by: Vaman Acharya

Thank you Sri Dharmananda for your comments
The braveness and tactful action prove young police officer is an asset to the department. The unsocial elements fear to venture such crimes.

Jul 25, 2020
Best short story
by: Your Name: Dharmanand Nayak

The fact in the story created eagerness and ended with lovers rejoining.

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