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Love,Shillong and Shiv-contd

by Paulami Dutta
(Kolkata, India)

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Shiv heard all of it without saying much. He kept holding me with the same possessiveness and then startled me when brought down his lips on mine. I knew this was the end, just our last kiss! I kissed him back. My eyes flung open when I realised he was unzipping my sweater.
“” But Shiv had captivated me in his passion.
“You can’t stop me Lavanya” he said showering kisses on my nape.
He would stop soon, I needn’t stop him. One last time! But Shiv didn’t stop. He didn’t make me feel incomplete.

Later, much later I lay in his arms almost exhausted. I hadn’t tasted so much passion ever!
“Shiv, I...”
“Say yes at least now Lavanya. You can’t lock yourself for something as stupid as this. You are beautiful Lavanya.”
I knew I was. Shiv made me feel beautiful. But was this enough?
“Lavanya you should be proud for what you have one. Don’t run away. And if you do you don’t understand love.”
“Shiv you don’t understand.....”
“You don’t understand Lavanya. Let me show you what love is....”
He said before taking me to his world of passion again.
“Do you still think you are imperfect Lavanya?”
“Not after what you have just shown me Shiv” I said kissing his chest.
“So do I take this as yes?”

Shiv didn’t give me much time to think. Our wedding is just a couple of days away and I just managed to finish my dress. I was finally going to a wedding after four long years. My wedding! I wonder what Yash would say if he came to knew about Shiv. Maybe he would say Shiv is not a ‘man’. But whatever he was I was drowning in his love. I was right Shillong was my place. Maybe I didn’t get solitude, but I got a whole lot more. Today I realize I was not just a survivor but also a winner.

The End

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Feb 08, 2013
beautiful story
by: naddiya

love they away you wrote

i felt as if i was living the character

every well written

Feb 06, 2013
Lovely story.
by: Safia

Enjoyed reading it.The description of life in shillong was very nice and story is very nice too.

Feb 06, 2013
Very motivating story
by: Chetna Sharma

I found the narrative beautiful. Very well written story with a strong message. No matter what our physical bodies are we are beautiful souls.

Feb 02, 2013
u are just awsome paolo
by: Anonymous

it was a very nice one.....neat , prim and finally a winner all the way. no drama and finally one with a note to the society too.

A comment with a name will be much appreciated.

-By admin

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