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Manassinakkare (Beyond the Mind)

by Jayasudha Bhaskaran
(The Nilgiris,Tamilnadu,India)

Manassinakkare (Beyond the Mind) is a Malayalam movie.

Everyone of us love to watch movies but each of us may be inclined to a particular genre. Few like to watch action movies whereas few wish to watch romantic or thriller movies.

I love to watch movies which are realistic and those which has got a strong message to deliver the audience. One such movie which has a strong impact on me is the Malayalam movie 'Manasinakkare'.

Released in 2003, this movie has the veteran actress Sheela,Jayaram,Innocent and Nayanthara in the lead roles. It is a movie which clearly explains the value of family bond. Sheela plays the role of Kochuthresia who is an affectionate mother who never let anyone condemn her children despite the way they treat her. Her children do not entertain her childlike behaviour and they are focussed on her assets rather than loving her. Jayaram who plays the role of Reji brings love and care into her life and support her in all her endeavour without any expectation.

The movie emphasizes on the struggles and sacrifices by any parent to lot bring up their children and the ill-treatment of the children as they grow old. It is a must watch movie for those who love family movies. It is indeed a sentimental movie which will have a strong impact on the audience.

Manassinakkare is one of my favourite Movies.

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