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Match finding - contd

by Ashutosh Menon

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Aditi had delivered a very cute baby girl by then.

After a few days, we received a response from a businessman Gunter Prasad. He was the proprietor of a transport company and owned 2 trucks. Gunter looked rich and well off in his business. So we married Aditi to Gunter as a finer match could not be expected for Aditi under the prevailing circumstances. Gunter had stated that he was a widower and his first wife had deceased in an accident. He was willing to accept Aditi and her daughter as his very own.
But later we found out that Gunter was a villain. He was a man without good character and strong moral values. We had failed to foresee this in our haste to get Aditi married at the earliest. Gunter used to drive one of the trucks himself. He was the driver cum owner of the truck.

Gunter had fallen prey to all the evil habits such as alcoholism, drug addiction to cannabis, opioids & cocaine, gambling and frequent visits to highway prostitutes like most of the other truck drivers who were his dear friends. Spending life on the highway day and night had made his behavior very harsh and ruthless. Gunter used to bash up Aditi daily and force her to bring him money from Paresh uncle to fund his vices. Paresh uncle used to pay Gunter about Rs. 40,000/- monthly to cover Aditi’s expenses. But Gunter was not satisfied with this amount. Not only did he fail to take care of Aditi in any way but also blew these 40000 rupees given by Paresh uncle to fund his many dirty habits."

"Gunter was a psychopath. He was aware about Aditi’s past marriages so he suspected her of still having illicit extramarital affairs with other men while he was away on the road transporting consignments for days on end.

This time Aditi also did not complain to us about her ill-treatment at the hand of Gunter & chose to suffer it silently accepting it as her fate. She remained tight-lipped for the future of her daughter. So that her baby would have a father’s name. At least she would not have to be raised as a fatherless child."

"At that time, my husband was diagnosed with a kidney infection. Uncle died a few weeks later of this disease. After uncle’s death we came to know that he had left Aditi 75 lakh rupees of his life savings by way of his will and testament. Gunter discovered about Aditi’s enormous inheritance of 75 lakhs. He had an eye on this money. In the meantime, Aditi came to know from Gunter’s phone & social media records that she had been cheated. Gunter already had another wife and two children from a previous marriage in Secundrabad.

When Aditi confronted Gunter with this information on his return from one of the long road trips after many days he confessed to the same. But that day Gunter was very drunk when he returned home along with his friends. He again beat up Aditi in an inebriated state for exposing his other marriage to everyone. He did not even spare Aditi’s one-year-old child and thrashed both of them very severely with an iron crowbar used in the maintenance of his truck. Gunter’s friends were sex offenders. They had a hidden sexual passion for Aditi. They badly lusted Aditi. When Gunter fell unconscious after heavy drinking. This was the appropriate moment they had been waiting for to satisfy their sexual cravings for Aditi. Taking advantage of the situation his three friends gang raped a grievously injured Aditi throughout the night. Now Aditi had enough with Gunter and his so called unscrupulous friends. Her brutal gang rape was the final nail in the coffin for their relationship. Moreover, Gunter refused to support Aditi in filing a police case against his best friends for the
rape. He not only hushed up the matter but also blamed Aditi for being a whore."

"Aditi was also now financially independent with the 75 lakhs received from her father. She no longer needed to suffer in the hands of this cruel Gunter & his cheap friends. She was contemplating a separation from Gunter. Gunter came to know that Aditi had visited a lawyer to file for a divorce from him. Gunter feared that he will lose his authority over the 75 lakhs in Aditi’s bank account forever if divorced. Moreover he was even afraid that Aditi would demand him to return the Rs. 40,000/- that he had taken every month from Paresh Uncle in her divorce settlement. This amount would also run into lakhs of rupees. Now Aditi and her daughter had become a liability in Gunter’s life. He only wanted her money.

The likelihood of losing this money and prosperity spooked the fear out of Gunter. Gunter thought of only one way to claim rights to the 75 lakh rupees that Aditi had. To eliminate Aditi from his path without anybody knowing. Gunter hatched an evil plan to murder Aditi and make it look like an accident so that no one would suspect any foul play. Then he could easily slip away and enjoy his life with all the money."

"On his next trucking trip to Karnataka, Gunter returned with a very venomous cobra snake purchased from a village in Shimoga. He quietly made this cobra snake bite Aditi in her sleep. Aditi died of this snake bite within an hour. Gunter then reported to the police that this cobra may have come in their bedroom from outdoors and accidentally bit Aditi.
But the police investigators doubted Gunter’s claim as there are no cobra snakes ever found in the Prabhadevi region of Mumbai. It was out of question. The cops were convinced that this cobra had been brought to Prabhadevi by someone. They suspected Gunter. Police took Gunter into their custody and after grilling him for a few hours he confessed to the crime. Gunter was accordingly arrested and thereafter convicted under the charge for murdering Aditi. He was sentenced to life imprisonment by the court."

By this time Disha aunty was shivering with sorrow and regret. The ceaseless sobbing had left her weak even to stand up. I assisted her to the bed and told her to lie down and take rest.

"But the damage had already been done. Disha Aunty is left with Aditi’s toddler daughter to care for in her declining years. Now Aditi is DEAD. I still cannot believe it. She was only 24. How can 24 be an age to encounter such a brutal end? My love had bid goodbye to this world itself. I will never be able to meet her in this lifetime. Is it Paresh Uncles greediness on which is to be blamed for my loss and Aditi’s premature demise? Or Aditi herself was a gold digger? No Aditi cannot be one. She had only been a good daddy’s girl like before and obeyed all his instructions. If Aditi had married me at least she would have been alive today. Or would I have been dead like poor Arnav? I would have been contended to sacrifice my life for Aditi. I would have had no issues in even being her fourth husband. I am willing even today to trade my soul for Aditi" All this reasoning’s crossed my mind.

The only difference between love and arranged marriages is that in a love marriage you marry your own girlfriend while in an arranged marriage you marry someone else’s girlfriend.

I wiped my tears and left the chawl hoping the best for my Aditi’s child. I vowed to return regularly and help Disha aunty & the child in whatever little way possible. What more could I say or do? I returned home more broken than ever before.


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Apr 14, 2023
by: Pravin Mittal

True Story ?

Feb 16, 2021
Heart melting story
by: Raju

Heart melting story

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by: Sudhir

Nice Story

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Match Finding
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Super story

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