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Me at Thirty Nine

by Geetika Sodhi Lohan
(Ghaziabad, India )

Thinking loudly

About me turning thirty nine,

Almost touching forty

Still doing pretty fine.

I don’t share my chocolate with kids

I snore in trains and flights

Not scared of sea

Fearless on heights

hardly saved money for future

Have No inheritance,

I eat what i can

Travel as I get a chance,

I have fenced myself

With barbs and electric wires,

I refuse to prove my worth

I won’t cross fires,-

Society so far

Has failed to keep me tamed

For choosing to be me

I have been persecuted and blamed

A life lived well

Tales to tell

Scars to show

Still happiness to flow

Failures to ponder

Success to flaunt

Memories so pleasant

Times that haunt

People devils

People with kind hearts

Helplessness and dead ends

Courage and restarts

Happiness lost to world

Part of self lost to death

Some damaged some saved

But Strong till my last breath

Nothing like

A woman should be

Choosing to be as free

As a man could be

Not the man of the house

I am a woman standing tall

Not decorated to attract anyone

I refuse to be a mall

Hail hearty saint with a sword

Oh yes I am thirty nine

Life has been pretty good so far

I am doing just fine!! #geet


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