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Meghmallhar’s Performance

by Shreemoyee Roy
(Kolkata, India)

“Grand” “Superb” “Touching”
“Loud Claps, Appreciations and Positive vibes flew over to the stage.. Tears of joy seen in Megh’s eyes. A dream came true!!”

Meghmalhar Sengupta, very popular among friends as Megh and very much social with family and relatives. He loved to be with friends and entertain them with poems that he used to write on his own. He was very talented boy since childhood but not very good in studies. He used to give stress on his writing capability. He loved to write and wanted it as a career in the long run. Days gone and Megh improved in his writing skills.

Ohh!! What a miss .. I forgot to mention another hobby of Megh . You may say it’s the writing I have mentioned before, No! It’s Photography as well. Starting with Mobile Photography to digital camera, he has flourished in all photography aspects. He travels in cities with friends family or sometimes alone to satisfy this hobby of his. Photography aids him write article on various tourist attractions in National and international travel magazines. This helps him earn for his own passions. Besides, the only issue that put him down was rejection of his poems. He couldn’t figure out what his shortcomings were. Friends and close ones advised him to keep patience. Since present day content include harsh reality, readers indulge them more as they can relate to current affairs rather than paying heed to satires or ironies with a comic outlook. They used to provide him strength in various other ways and complemented his works. Megh never stopped his writing for anything harsh he faced.

One morning changed his life drastically..Megh was still asleep when an e-mail notification woke him up. He jumped on his bed itself as soon as he gone through. The mail read like this-
“Hello Meghmallar Sengupta,
We have gone through your submitted documents and approved it to be published in an international magazine. You are invited to come to Delhi where we are arranging an event to bring together the participants from all over India on sixteenth day of May. Your presence is heartily expected from our side. Thanking you,
Chief Head
Famous Writers”

Megh was in the seventh heaven and
forgot everything for a while. He could not believe what all happening since morning was reality. It was his dream since childhood. He prepared himself to fly to the capital. His parents and two of his close friends accompanied him there.

Days gone in blink of an eye. There arrived the fresh and new morning of said day.

Excitement was going on amongst Megh and his close ones. He was surprised to see a new suit while getting ready. .He reached the mentioned venue before hand.. The Program started with music and dance performance. Soon after, came the Chief heads of magazine ,”Famous Writers” with Welcome words. The writers were called one by one and their introduction were shown on a giant screen. Each of them performed their stuffs. Megh’s turn was not far, but his excitements were like a little child getting a new toy. He even couldn’t hear the first call from the chiefs. Megh rushed to the Dias He was shocked, seeing the introduction in the giant screen. That made him dumbstruck. Yes!! These are photographs shot by him, travel diaries that he wrote and the prize money he won. Seeing his blank look towards the giant screen the chief head smiled and ordered him to start his performance. Megh did so..
“Work is Worship
He who feeds us never gets food
The owner of fields treat them rude
Those who dig and always mine
Shed tears and sweat that shine
What they find is not their own
People snatch and leave them groan
One who builds us house to live
Goes back to mud houses that they weave
Fishermen sails to mid of sea
We just have in happiness and glee
Never we try and want to know
What they have to eat even though
All who die for us live too low
We must always take a bow.”

“Claps, Claps, Touching, Mind blowing, Superb”
Megh was same dumb as he was some moments ago.. The chiefs felicitated him with a frame of his photographs and a copy of his travel diaries. They congratulated him and blessed with words, “You should go ahead my boy, This must be your first”
“Yes Sir… My First Experience” Replied Megh.

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