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Memories Matter......continued..

by Pushpa Raghuram
(Bangalore, India)

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As return gifts she was presented with Mysore silk scarves, trinkets from choodi bazaar, and idols of the elephant headed god ‘Ganesha’. Every time she went back to Germany, her farewell greeting was “Auf Wiedersehen” (Till we meet again!).

When Inge came to know that my biological mother had passed away after a brief illness, she could not come to Bangalore. Nevertheless she was as inconsolable as we were. When we siblings opened our mother’s cupboard after a couple of months, we saw how carefully she had preserved every present she had received from Inge. Each Greeting and Birthday card she had gotten by post had been safe guarded, as if they had been received just a couple of weeks ago. It was very touching. We found ourselves sitting speechless, opening the cards and presents all over again and going down the memory lane.

She stopped coming to India only, when she turned ninety plus and could not walk without a stick or travel on her own any more. She however continued to write to us very often – as much as her shaking fingers allowed her to pen her thoughts. India, our family circle and I remained green in her memories. She had come eleven times to India. But she travelled in her dreams to “Incredible India” till she reached the final travel destination of her life three years ago, in 2009.

I am still travelling carrying her memories, sharing them with my near and dear ones, and whoever is interested to hear this real story of Love between Inge and me. I hope that my future journey will be without much travail, being ‘twice blessed’ by two mothers. God bless them both, wherever they are in Heaven.

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May 12, 2013
Down the memory lane
by: Sanjay V Arbatti

Your article brought back fond memories of Mrs. Flemming and her visits to India. My family and I were fortunate to meet her on numerous occasions. She was an extremely warm hearted person. All that remain now are wonderful memories, several photographs, and gifts that I received as a child!

Apr 21, 2013
nice travelling at my country
by: Peter Berg

...feels like coming home, thank you very very much...Germany and india relationship. Best wishes Peter

Feb 18, 2013
Memories Matter
by: Pushpa Raghuram

Mrs. N. Pankaja,

Thank you very much for your comments. My profession took me there for over fifteen months. I loved my stay there.

Feb 17, 2013
Vry nice!
by: nugehallipankaja

It was I who commented upon your mother'saree
(being reminded of my mother).I don't know how
I got 'Anonymous'
Anyway, thanks for replying.I look forward to reading more of your travel experiences. By the way,
if you don't mind my asking, in what connection
did you go to that far off place?

Feb 13, 2013
Memories Matter
by: Pushpa Raghram

Thank you, Cynthia,

I am glad you took time to read my article and I am happy that you
have good memories of Mrs.Flemming. Thanks again,

Feb 13, 2013
True Love
by: Cynthia

Beautifully written. I was fortunate to meet this wonderful human being, Mrs. Flemming, just once during one of her visits to your home at Kumara Park. This brief meeting with her is deeply edged in my memory. She was an epitome of love, kindness and generosity.

Feb 11, 2013
Memories Matter
by: PUshpa Raghuram

Thanks for reading the article and sharing your thoughts with me.

I was so much used to seeing my mother in (Madishal) 9 yards saree, I could not imagine her wearing any other type.

Feb 10, 2013
by: Anonymous

Beautifully written! I felt as though I was traveling with you .
sorry to have been late in commenting. Your mother's photo reminded me of my mother-who wore such type of sarees. Yes,I am also an Iyengar.

Feb 06, 2013
by: Sridhar

This just goes to show how friendship can cut across culture, religion and countries. Lifelong friendship with a person whom you met in a train in a distant land is hard to explain. The travel story is absorbing and has portrayed the friendship beautifully.

Feb 02, 2013
About 'Memories matter... ' By Pushpa Raghuram
by: Prakruthi N. Banwasi

Well done Aunty... When writing about people or incidents, as a writer - I am at a loss at times wanting to highlight the essence of the entire interaction and still contain the eons of interaction in a few significant incidents...

The timeline here spans decades but you have made me feel the cross bonds here... the snaps too add to the narrative... Had read a book (economic analysis) by Lester R. Brown titled 'World without Borders') If only that book too spoke about such worlds without borders... where memories matter!

Led me to another thought...
This is another affirmation of the fact that chance happenings too weave themselves in our lives in such a way that in retrospect we feel that things & people who were meant to be were made part of our lives... not by mere chance!

Sooo many chance happenings would have contributed to your (and her!) taking that particular train! Sooo beautiful that all these chance happenings made you both bond by choice!

That journey added more meaning to your life than the destination! Thanks - enjoyed reading this!

Ps: Was hoping to read more incidents that give an insight into her... as you saw her.

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