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Memories to Remember

by Vaman Acharya
(Bengaluru, Karnataka, India)

I love waking up early in the morning before sunrise. This Sunday, my husband had already planned to spend the day in the midst of beautiful nature at seashore. I woke up at 5.30 a.m. and glanced over the morning news paper. In the front page, there was a picture of people standing in the queue in front of the bank.I recollected my own unforgettable memories happened just four months back.

It was a great surprise for me to see my ex boyfriend at the serpentine queue outside the bank at Bengaluru. I recollected my romantic moments with him during the college days. I went to the bank to exchange scrapped notes and spotted Nachiket standing just four persons ahead of me. He ditched me after proposing our marriage. I didn't want to see his face. I had developed hatred towards him. We were standing in the queue for a long time. He too had a look at me. After sometime, I saw Nachiket standing next to me. I had no mood to see him. There was no major change in his facial look except some gray hairs. Our marriage was broken due to the misbehaviour of Nachiket's father Rajaram. The problem was created by Rajaram. My parents were ready to compromise on all the issues, except the exhorbitant expenditure. During the course of discussion between my father Vilas and Rajaram, an unwanted incident had happened. Rajaram by slip of toungue used filthy language against my father Vilas. Rajaram realising his mistake refused to express sorry. I told Rajaram not to insult my father. Nachiket and his parents left the place without showing courtesy. I felt very much for the unexpected development.
In the queue, Nachiket turned
towards me and asked,
"Ankita, how are you? I know your anger towards me. Your displeasure is quite natural. Please allow me to speak."
"I don't need any explanation from you. Your father had lost all the barriers of decency. Please keep quite and do not disturb my mind. Let me lead peaceful life."
"Ankita, you may abuse me for my father's uncivilized behaviour. My only request to you, is to have patience to listen."
"You have broken our relationship. What more do you want?"
"Ankita, I am fully aware of your position. What I am going to tell you is a reality. I hope you may change your mind after knowing the fact."
Nachiket requested me several times to reveal the truth.
I told him to finish it quickly.
"Ankita, my father is suffering from the a disease called depression. It is a mental disorder. At that moment, he lost control over his speech. Afterwords, he felt very bad. It is not a first time. Previously, he misbehaved with others. Now he is ready to meet your father and express regret."
I could not speak for a moment after knowing the truth.
"Nachi, excuse me for my attitude towards you. Let us forget and forgive the past incident."
"Thank you Anki."
After a fortnight again, we met along with our parents in a hotel. Rajaram expressed sorry to Vilas with folded hands. He even went to prostrate Vilas. My father stopped him to do this. Both embraced each other. It was a happy occasion for us.
On one auspicious day, we tied a wedding knot and became life partners.
I came out of the past memory after hearing sound in the kitchen. Nachiket wanted to take a glass from the cabinet. The glass fell down.

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