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Mental Health Awareness

by Prachi Sinha
(Noida, U.P.,India)

Every year World Mental Health Day is observed on 10 October. It was first observed back in 1992. The main motive behind this day is to aware people about its importance and impact.

Mental health defines the emotional, physcological and social well-being of an indivisual. The way we think,feel and act all depends on mental well being.When a person is suffering from mental illness,there are certain changes in their thinking,emotions and behaviour. It decreases productivity and the condition of overall health. It is a never ending struggle. One is not able to differentiate between wrong and right. There is a constant fight between the thoughts.

Unfortunately,mental illness is considered as a taboo, not only in India but also worldwide. People have inadequate knowledge about it. A person suffering from this,generally feels avoided and uncomfortable sharing his thoughts. The kind of care they need is absent.It is not considered as any other medical problem.

According to the reports of World Health Organisation,56 million Indians suffer from depression and 38 million suffer from anxiety disorder.

A survey was conducted in UK, which stated that a quarter of young woman in UK have suffered from anxiety and depression between the age of sixteen
and twenty four. Around 40 million Americans are dealing with mental health issues.The figures represent an enormous human toll of mental ill health.

There are different types of mental disorder such as clinical depression,anxiety disorder,bipolar disorder, schizophernia, obsessive compulsive disorder etc. The symptoms are different for different illness but certain factors like genetic factor,environmental factor,life events and many other are common in these.

Physical health and mental health are co-related.The risk of heart disease and stroke is more in those people who are suffering from mental illness.

Those who haven't faced such kind of issue, don't understand.People who have struggled through this can completely understand the feeling.

Untreated mental illness leads to wrong decisions such as suicide and is dangerous. People become habitual to negative thoughts and start considering them right. Around 800000 people worldwide commit suicide every year and 135000 are Indian citizens. The reason is lack of help,support and the stigma surrounding it.

There are various online counselling available - Your dost, 7 cups are few of them. Medical institutes as well as hospitals provide therapy.

Never hesitate from asking help.In case nobody supports,become your own incharge.Take a stand for yourself because mental well being is important.

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