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Mental Well Being

by Hargun Bhatia
(Jalandhar, Punjab, India)

Talk That talk - Mental Well being

“The Mind is everything, what you think you become.”-Buddha

As Buddha’s teachings state that the mind is everything and our thoughts help us get moulded into what we call our ‘true selves’.

Then how important is it for us to take care of our mind and give it proper time that it requires in order to function smoothly.

In a layperson’s terms Mental Health is an individual’s Psychological well-being, It also includes Behavioural, Cognitive and Emotional well-being clubbed together. It defines as ‘Who we are’. Our mind is like a channel through which our emotions and thoughts flow.

A healthy mind doesn’t only mean being free from illness but also keeping a tab and not avoiding the signs which would lead to the fact that something is wrong and only you, yourself can pick up those signs as nobody knows you well enough other than you yourself. And if need be then help others recognise their signs.

It is necessary for an individual to know their thoughts well in order to make a judgement of right or wrong. Also to know more about oneself and to understand one’s feelings well towards others and even him/herself. Our mind provides us with the ability to hold it together in certain situations, to reach a decision, be able to think clearly, for us to be vigilant and super attentive during strange situations, to solve problems and to apply logic and reason to our everyday life .

Some Myths

1. Mental well-being is a shameful and an
embarrassing concept.
-It is not shameful or embarrassing to talk about how you feel and speaking up about what is in your

2. A child can never face mental health problems.
-It’s not true that a child can face it .It could be a certain amount of stress about studies or anxiety for exams.

3. Mental Well-being is not necessary.
-It is very much necessary as our mind also needs to be well rested and taken care of in order to function properly.

4. Mental health and Physical health are not equally important.
-Mental Health needs to be given the same amount of importance Physical Health receives as they are both equally important for our well-being.

5. Mental Health: not a serious concept .
-It is clearly not true it is very much a serious concept and the stigma related to it needs to be broken.

It is important that we control our mind and don’t let it control us.

Ways to channelise negative energy and improve your Mental Health:-

1. Meditation and Yoga
2. Exercise daily
3. Dancing/Listening to music
4. Painting and drawing
5. Get enough sleep
6. Penning down your thoughts
7. Accept yourself for who you are and others for who they are.
8. Socialise /Talk to a close friend
9. It’s okay to say ‘NO’ once in a while
10. Trust your gut
11. It is okay to seek help from others
12. Practice Gratitude on a daily basis
13. Play a game
14. Reach out to people
15. If needed seek professional help
16. Start with daily affirmations.

t’s time to think out loud and break the stigma attached to Mental Health and consider it as a strength and not a weakness.

Make it a ‘PRIORITY’ as nowadays having a healthy mind is equally important to having a healthy lifestyle.


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