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Metamorphosis and Loneliness

by Dr. Kathakali Bandopadhyay
(Kolkata, West Bengal, India)

Three days and two nights, she has spent without food
There she stands alone, in a distressing mood,
Thrown away from her family, separated from all
No one to care for, the horrid story of an urban sprawl,

Craving for food, a soft begging hand
No one to look after her, in the so called ‘human land’,
Tears have lost their ethos to flow
Her cheeks have lost the blossom to glow,

Food can come only in exchange of mind and soul
The innocent juvenile fails to realise this life saving goal,
However losing herself in the darkest corner of the hell
The only way to survive with food and a dwell,

There she stands again, with lot of food
Betrayal to her mind and body, for a livelihood,
Innocence has lost its way in the cacophony of life
The little one has metamorphosed into a lady, for remaining alive.



Dr. Kathakali Bandopadhyay

I was standing alone in the midst of the road
Darkness has crippled down on every corner of the nodes,
My shattered mind was searching for her lips
I dreamt of having her in my grip,
My perplexed soul cried out for her heart
Alas! We are already been made apart,
The essence of darkness was squirming like a veil
The smell of your hair was uncontrollable,
I tried to hold her near my heart
Alas! I realise my dream to be shattered,
Standing alone in the midst of the road
No one to lure me and behold,
I cried for you, for your loving faith
Alas! Standing alone in the mid of the path.


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Oct 24, 2018
Good poem with nice rythem
by: Your Name:Sonu Kumar Shaw

Good poem with nice rythem

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