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by Preetham Kopparam
(Bangalore, Karnataka, India)

On a rainy day in the foggy way,
Middle of the road was a creamy bud,
Safe thought the creepy worm inside,
Seldom has it knew the outer world;
Its true it takes a lot of strength
to break open the cocoon well built,
to come out of the secured quilt

Yet… determined to witness the change,
The worm got out with lots of courage
In front of it was a beautiful world
Spread was a colorful flowery bed
choice of colors for its own pick
to match with it was sweet honey to lick

with a mighty heart and no more thought
it just touched some and kissed a few
tat moment for the worms own wonder
it was… no more… a caterpillar
but the transformed beautiful butterfly
destined to reach the limitless sky.

“world so wide but still you hide
push aside the rules you abide
Aim the stars, fix goals too high
Its time to be the beautiful butterfly
And…you can always, still…reach the sky!”


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