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Minack - a hidden Beauty

by Lakshmi Menon

Minack is one of the best known attractions of England. I had a wonderful opportunity to visit here during my London days.

Minack is an open air theatre built onto the granite rocks.This incredible place is located at Porthcurno village in Cornwall in the southern tip of England near the Land's end. In 2014 Minack was selected as one of the most spectacular theatres in the world.

It was built by a woman called Rowena Cade who was a theater lover. She began the construction work in 1931 with the help of her gardener, and the first play was performed here in 1932. Shakespear's "The Tempest" was the first play performed here.

One of the main features of this spectacular theatre is the seating. The seats are decorated with the names of plays, performances and Celtics designs before the concrete set. Over the years many improvements have been done and today 700 people can enjoy the play at a time sitting at these wonderful seats enjoying the stunning beauty of the ocean and the bluish sky over the head.

There is an exhibition center where more details are illustrated about the founder. This is located on top before going down to see the theatre. Apart from this, there is a Cafe and also a shop. There is also a beautiful garden to wander around with lots of subtropical plants.
Car parking is free. When you visit England it is worth a visit to this spectacular place. Please remember advance booking needs to be done.

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