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Minded Thoughts

by Ashna Yasmin
(Trivandrum, kerala, India )

Someone gave my mind
Wings to fly the world
Clouds were jealous;
So were the birds.
Without bidding farewell to my heart
Or to my soul,
She wandered off to unknown lands.
With no determination or no destination,
She set off to create her destiny.

Saw lands never seen before,
Saw souls never met before,
Saw things never known before.
She continued her quest of discoveries.
Flapping her winds, untired,
The lone mind wandered.
She flew and flew
Until she grew bored of her solitude
'How nice would it be,
For a fellow mind like me?', thought she.

Wandered off-wavering about in the sky
Looking for other minds
'Aha!', exclaimed she.
'There's one over there!'
But soon her excitement withered into dust
For its wings were silver
And hers were white-
Wasnt ready to be outshined.

Continued her flight
On her way, learned other's plight.
The world? not what she thought.

Stopped when she saw another one.
'Oh, how sad', she sighed
For its wings were big
And hers were small-
Wasn't ready to be outflown.
Got down to the earth to rest,
But didn't lose her zest.
Saw a traveler with its fellow minds
'Can we join too?', they asked.
Looked at them in despair.
For their wings were too many
And hers were not.
Wasn't ready to be outnumbered.

Flew off into the mountains
Saw the cloud drenched peaks
Saw the rivers frozen in time
Saw the soft snowy hills
Hidden behind those-
'What is it?', something caught her eye.

White it was; just like hers.
Small it was; just like hers;
Solitary it was; just like hers.
Flew down to meet her new companion.
'Oh, no! His wings are broke!'
The broken mind looked at her,
In hope.

She smiled.
Tore one from her pair
And gifted it to him; Him and her forever
Flew with the small white wings together.
The two minds flew-
Into the clouds,
Into the gold lit sky;
Into paradise, with each other's souls.


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