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by Enakshi J

Author: Manoj Kumar Sharma
Publisher: Notionpress
Rating: 2.5 / 5

Mirro’s concept is new! We have one protagonist who, in contemporary India, decides to put all the loose cannons to rest. Using unconventional methods that might or might not work, he targets issues like rape & molestation, drug abuse, torching of the factories, suicide by the farmers, intolerance, malnutrition, politicization of every issue, presence of good-for-nothing politicians and many more.

As the youth of the country, every individual has a moral obligation to safeguard the interests of the country and let the country flourish! This is not only limited to our country but to all the nations in the world. However, the fear of swimming against the current and getting caught in the whirlpool prevents one from thinking of the solutions. MIЯЯЯO is a hypothetical concept in which the protagonist, Indo, decides to take help of his mirror image, Mirrro, to solve some of the wrongdoings. The concept is novel yet the feasibility is not challenging at all because Mirrro is constituted by cosmic energies and it (because it is not human) cannot be seen or heard. Half of the battle is won if you are the only visible entity in the city of the blind (metaphorical reference intended).

The plot is definitely intriguing but the conversation/ dialogues are puerile! It takes the author triple the number of words to explain something that would have ideally taken one paragraph and that induces the soporific effect. I found some metaphorical references in the book like Indo’s grandmother’s name is India and his mirror image is called Mirrro- symbolizing how the youth (children) of India should take the reigns of the country in their hands and solve the problems that have infested the land. I liked this approach. At the same time, the lack of wordplay added to the monotony. Illustrations failed to impress me as well. In fact, I think a shorter narrative and a lesser number of characters would have done the trick!

The length of the book is oddly frightening and the use of colloquial terms like ‘wanna’, ‘gonna’ put me in black mood. No doubt that writing a story of this calibre requires the audacity to put forth your thoughts before millions. In such a case, execution matters the most. Here, in this book, the execution failed because of the lack of proofreading and beta readers (I assume). However, the author should be appreciated for all the time and effort that he put in constructing a plot so intricate and then delicately weaving emotions in it!

Best wishes to the author!

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