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Mirrors of Life

by Bhavya Vimal
(Cochin, kerala, india)

As I look at my mirror
I felt so many errors.
Deep in minds, I see myself
As I stand in front, it sees me herself.
No mind know me, anyhow, I sighs
It knows my whole past…
Present… future…
Even death and next life…
I starved myself to see my real life
But, no, I can only see my image
Just my frozen image.
I thought it would ride off time
I thought it would ride off my curse
But it thought to rid off me,
Whenever I move.
A day came…
When I saw fragments of my face
Sleeping pleasantly on the ground
A day ends…
No image…
No courage…
The moment I got courage…
There was nothing to have as ‘herself’
The day flew away…
Like butter being churned.
No words to fulfill myself
To feel, to see me

Thank you



The poet describes about the sensation and different weird dreams she experienced when she stood in front her mirror. She felt that the mirror would show her about her past, present, future, about her death and her next life/rebirth. And then, all of a sudden she herself says that she can only see her own real image. Then she again skips off her mind, wandering whether the mirror would help her by getting rid of her time and curse. And she again explains herself that the image would ride off in the mirror, if she moves in front of the mirror.
One day when she came in front of the mirror, she found it, broken into fin pieces on the ground.
From that day onwards she was not able to see her image or any usual changes in her. So, through this poem, the poet conveys that we should be satisfied with what we are having with us and don’t ever think anything more. If you do, then later you would regret for it. (Here, the mirror)

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