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Missing of One Person Turned Blessing for Another

by Vaman Acharya
(Bengaluru, India)

Missing of one person turned blessing for another.
It was 6 p m in Bengaluru. The climate was fine. 25 year old Anuj was walking on the road with bouquet in his hand. There was a heavy traffic on the road. He was carefully moving forward using the safety zone. Anuj was in a hurry to meet a special person at an appointed time and spot. While passing near Shiva Temple, he saw a beggar. Devotees were dropping coins in the beggar's tumbler. Anuj reached the garden and sat on the bench meant for public. He was impatient in waiting for his girlfriend to wish her 23rd birth day. She did not turn up even after the delay of 15 minutes. Thereafter, his mobile was ringing. He checked up the message. It was a message of his girl friend Surabhi. He read the message.
"I am in hotel with parents. B'day cake cutting will be over in a couple of minutes. I really miss you Anuj. Don't worry, meet you soon. From the bottom of my heart, I apologize."
He replied.
"Surabhi, I love you too much. You made me upset."
He received reply, "Excuse me Anuj."
Their communication through what's app message was over.
Anuj was very much disappointed. His plan of going to restaurant along with Surabhi was dropped. An idea was flashed to his mind. Anuj went to temple, where the beggar was present. He

took the handkerchief from his trouser pocket and opens it on the ground in front of the beggar. He removed all the beautiful rose flower sticks from the bouquet and arranged it on the handkerchief. Anuj took one rose stick out of many and paid the amount to him. The beggar was expecting alms, moved his hand towards him. He put the currency note on the beggar's hand and closed it. Anuj went inside the temple to pray God for the welfare of the beggar, now rose flower vendor. Devotees start purchasing rose flower from him thinking that he was a vendor. The entire rose flowers were sold within a short time. The beautiful rose flowers meant for a girlfriend adorned the deity.
Few days later, Anuj visited again the same place. He could not believe his own eyes. The usual seat of the beggar was vacant. Just few meters away close to the temple door, Anuj saw a man with neat dress selling rose flowers and attending to the customers. He managed to get plastic table to keep the flowers and a stool to sit. Anuj watched closely and found that he was none other than the beggar. He greeted Anuj with folded hands. His smile was an indication of satisfaction.
Anuj thought, if he met Surabhi on that day the reformation of beggar would not have happened. Missing of Surabhi was a blessing for the beggar.


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Jul 12, 2017
Thank You
by: Vaman Acharya

Thanks Rajesh for your comments.

Jul 12, 2017
Truely Inspirational
by: Your Name: Rajesh

What a story, from a lover to a life changer

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