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by Shevaughn Pimenta
(Mumbai, India)

A life in a shell is no life at all
But when the mist of angst unfolds, there's no turning back.

Embrace me fully, comfort me, you are my second half.
Lift me from my fleshy cage of skin and bones,
Guide me into the fire pit of purity and inaugurate my rebirth
Be my godparent, teach me everything i should have known

See me for who I am, look into my soul
I crave a clean slate and you hold the chisel of hope,
I need you.

Consider this a humble message, a prayer of devotion
From one misunderstood to the other,
Take pity on me, or rather take it from me, I have tons to give.

Set me down on your operating table
Reconstruct me with all that had been missing
Invigorate me with purpose
A vision of science, A longing newborn
My true form.

But my scorned lover, you turn your eyes away from me
You wish for the universe to bring me eternal suffering instead

You deprive me, even though you see;
You’ve thrown me to the dogs, even though you know;
Left me to die, even though you feel.

So be it.


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