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Monologue of a Perturbed Soul

by Rima Sahamandal
(Kolkata, India)

1) Let Me Spread My Wings

Let me fly
Higher than the clouds,
Let me rely
On those old fairy tales..
When this world
Veils mirth with shroud,
Where all bonds
Shatters and fails..
Where all seems vague
By mist and pervasive dark,
Uncountable wounds
Provide unblurred marks,
Let me then
Deliberately stupefy myself,
By flying with that
Fanciful Skylark....


2) Title: A Receded Soul

Now my mind is an empty vessel,
Has no memory to capture...
Neither a sorrow from past,
Nor any future of rapture..
Countless thoughts incessantly
Arrives and departure,,
Like a guest who sojourns,
Profane & notorious in nature..
Waiting with paper and pen
To articulate some thoughts of new,
But the countless thoughts of chain
Stubbornly denies to continue...
Blank paper is starring at me,
Waiting for the torrents of thoughts
But heart is submerged in grief's sea
Or tired of numerous wars,it fought..
Eyes has discarded to remain awake,
Dream will win the combat soon,
Pen is dozing along with words,
In this prevailing lazy summer noon...


3) Title: Bliss Of Solitude

Whence words lost it's meaning,
Where meaning losts it's worth,
While birds lost it's nest,
And is deprived from it's hearth..
Where emotion losts it's warmth
And wears a facade to pretend,
While love is lost somewhere
But lust is constant..
Then i cast my eyes into my notebooks,
Seek my solace in the web of words.
My pen become my poignant weapon,
Shield is constructed by my verses...
My each page transformed
Into a battlefield of magnitude,
Thence i cherished
My bliss of solitude..


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