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Mother and Child

by Poojary Sushmita Shiva
(Udupi, India)

As soon as a child is born and it cries for the very first time, the happiest face at the moment will the mother of that child. She feels top of the world at that time and no one can express or feel that joy what she experiences.

Once the journey of a child begins it starts learning things. And obviously the first teacher will be mother who firstly teaches what actual love and care is. A child learns so many things from mother. She makes a child understand things in her own language. She gets to know what a child feels even it doesn’t speak to her.

Words are less always to describe mother’s affection towards her child. I still remember the days when my mother used to scold me for my mistake later she herself feels sad for it. Mother is the one who never cooks her favourite food. She always asks her children what they would like to have and tries to prepare it for them.

One of the best moment is to wait for mother when she is out for market as we already knew that she would never forget to bring something for us. A mother may not be educated but always tries to give her child the best education. A mother is always the best in her own way.

Only thing she expects from her child is she wants her child to grow and become successful in life. She never expects anything in return. But it is our duty to keep her happy always. Do not be a reason for her tears. Always be with her and be the reason for her happiness.


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Dec 18, 2021
by: guru_sush

Blog describes how meaningful is mother.

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