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Mother Your Tears and Other Poems

by Neeharika Pathuri
(Bangalore, India)

Mother your tears, Churn guilt in me,
While I smoke, drink you bleed in pain, in shame I drain.
But understand my vain.

A hollow space slows my walk, and am no charmer of words to talk.
It’s hard to be wise, when life is a game of dice,
Amidst snakes of vanities and ladders of strong will, I’ve become ill.

I’ve never stopped to right the wrongs, a habit from long,
Maturity has not yet dawned, and I search for reasons to move on,
It is a good prescription to be on.

Mother not weep, I’ve not drowned deep,
Be by my side, to be good I’ll strive.

In Fire Set me Free
- by Neeharika Pathuri

Make me high of you, In Pain I’ll sober.
Wage a war, And I’ll be the bleeding soldier,
Raise my hope to a mountain, and Push me down,
Flood me with memories, in its ashes I’ll drown
For I am a pile of broken twigs, fallen from a tree,
Collect me, And In fire set me free

A blank cheque of love
- by Neeharika Pathuri

Give a blank cheque of love,
Be my guiding dove.
Untie knots of loneliness,
Weave burnt threads to warmth of happiness
Caress my skin as cold morning mist,
And In your touch, break my chained wrists.
As light of sun unveils veins of green leaves,
Cast a spell unveil my mysteries.
Drown me in gushing water,
Refresh me of ache, cleanse me of hurt.
Give a blank cheque of love,
Be my guiding dove


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Jul 24, 2018
by: Sangeeta Saha

Remarkable expressions and strong feeling of bondage regarding human relationships. Its not easy to define what a child undergoes when he or she hurts the feeling of their mother. Nice poem.

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