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Mother's Confidence

by Manasa A
(Bangalore, India)

Today Madan received his promotion letter. His happiness knew no bounds. He was promoted as the Executive Director for Indian Region. The first person whom he informed about his achievement was not his wife, but his parents. He had so much of gratitude towards them. Once this news reached them, they were jumping with joy.

Madan was brought up in a middle class family. His father was a Government employee and Mother was a home maker. He had a younger sister. He was a very obedient kid until his teen years started. As a toddler or as a school going kid, he never threw tantrums for anything. He always used to get up on time, eat well, and play well and so on. He was performing very well academically. He was an apple of eye to his teachers.

Once his teen years started, all the problems sprouted hand in hand. Till he was in 7th standard, there was nobody to beat him in his studies. In 8th standard, there were some 5 new entrants in his class. Now he started getting tough competition. He was no more the first ranker. But he was still the most admired and loved student in the class for all his teachers. He was not able to accept that he is no more number one in his class. He started showing less interest towards his studies. He joined hands with some bad boys and started smoking and drinking without the knowledge of this parents. His parents started noticing strange behavior from their son. His mother failed to understand as to what was bothering her son. Once he finished his 8th standard, he didn’t want to continue in that school and Madan somehow convinced his parents that he wants to study in a hostel.

Arrangements were made accordingly. He was admitted to a hostel. Every weekend, his parents and sister used to visit him. His little sister missed Madan a lot, especially during the nights she used to miss him more, because she had to sleep alone now. Over the days she got used to sleeping alone. Feedback from hostel was very good. Madan’s parents were very happy and presumed that their son’s life is back on track and now his parents got back to their regular life.

One day, Madan’s Mom got a phone call from hostel that they are requested to go to hostel at the earliest. This was a shock to his parents. Since his childhood, Madan had never done any mischief because of which Madan’s parents were called to school. When the terrified parents reached the hostel, principal informed them that, “Madan had stolen Rs. 300 from his friend. But since he is a very bright student we will not expel him from the school, but we want you to counsel him and try to understand as to why he took this step and also ensure that such incident shall not be repeated again”.

On hearing this, Madan’s mother was literally shocked. She felt, “Let something catastrophic happen so that I don’t have to face the world.”

Then she took the situation under control and spoke to her son as to what happened and why he had stolen the money.

Madan replied that he had not done that, somebody has played a prank on him and he has no proofs to prove his innocence. His parents were not ordinary parents. There parenting was always unique. They were never carried away by emotions. They believed once children get into their teenage, the parents have to treat them as friend and they followed the same. They trusted their son, and Madan made a new demand stating that now, he does not want to stay in the hostel. Because once a thief is always a thief in people’s eyes and he wanted to come back.

Another reality was,
Madan’s parents were not well off. They had to struggle every day to make a living and ensure good education for their children. They didn’t want to demotivate their son. They agreed to take him back with them. Hostel authorities were disheartened to loose such a bright student from them.

With great difficulty Madan was enrolled into another school near his house. Again he got along with some bad guys and stopped studying. In his 10th standard preparatory exam he scored 0s and 1s in all subjects. His mother was stricken with grief. She didn’t know how to persuade Madan to study, she was completely clueless as to how to enlighten her son about the importance of education.

One day Madan’s mother went to a Ganesh temple and literally started praying in tears to show her a solution to their son's problem. The very next day as if a miracle has happened, Madan went to his mom and told, he wants to study and he has a problem with maths, so he will go to Sundar uncle to seek his help in studies. Sundar uncle was Madan’s father’s best friend and definitely he would be happy to help. Finally Madan passed out of 10th standard with 64%. A student who has got 0s and 1s in preparatory passed with 64% in final exam.

This was the caliber Madan possessed, but somehow he didn’t show inclination towards studies later. He took commerce combination and started with college. He was not able to give his 1st PUC exams because of shortage of attendance. Again he joined in one of the evening colleges. Each time he makes a mistake, his parents would give him another chance to correct himself. Hats off to the patience of his parents.

Finally, he gave up studies. When he was 21 years reality dawned on him. Most of his friends had either passed out from degree or were in professional courses.

Now he had to find out of a way for earning money. He applied for Indian Army. He failed in fitness round. He applied for some post in a Cruise Company, but he was rejected. He tried many such job prospects and most of the places he was rejected. Never did his parents ridicule him stating since he didn’t study well he is facing this stage in life. Nor did they step back in supporting him financially.

Finally he got a job as a security guard, but without a second thought, his mom told him not to accept that offer. She was not ashamed that her son would be doing such an odd job. She wouldn’t mind if he would come and announce that he will start his career as a mason. She knew her son would never grow in life if he accepted such a job wherein, he has to be idle all the time. This job would not interest him for long and he would become lazy in such a job.

Then Madan started working in one of his relatives shop on recommendation by his mom. Here started the stepping stone of his career. He worked very hard to get a good name in his job. Madan had a very good hold on English language. His verbal and written skills were no less than a laureate. His uncle’s friend was working in a MNC. With his help, Madan got a chance to work in a MNC. He started his career as a purchase assistant. He got several appreciations from all his clients. In a span of 15 years, with his hard work he has reached to the level of an Executive Director in the company which had its headquarters in Europe.

Today, he is one of the pioneers in Supply Chain Industry. He attributes his success in life to the patience and trust that his mom had on him.


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