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Mother's Cry

by Anuradha Nambiar
(Bangalore, India)

Alarmed eyes, dreary
Tears roll down incessant…
Torn and trashed,
Deformed mouth droned interminably...

A little butterfly,
Fractured feathers, fail to fly.
Smarting bag of bones,
Crawl under the bed linen.

Insatiable, vicious brute
Hauled her to the dark,
Plundered her flesh and blood,
Hurled her in the brook...

She was bloodless when, they bought her to the hospital
My eyes stunned to see the violence of a brutal mind
My shivering hands dropped the stethoscope,
Which part on this elfin body aroused his feelings?

Woebegone lass,
Wounded soul, groan for smidgen glow...
Flash lights around...But alas...

Nobody could cure the wound deep in her,
Nobody could expunge trepidation in her.
Ashamed myself, afraid to face her…
I wish I could alleviate her anguish and give back her life again.


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