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Murder Most Foul - 12

by Bala

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Since she had been linked with Sudhir and other heroes for the past few months after she had become a hot celebrity, there was a hint in the press that she was likely to make some sensational announcements.

She appeared in a very simple cotton sari for the press meet and also without make up. Even then she was sensational.

With Sudhir standing by her side she made a very simple announcement right at the beginning "Sudhir and I got married in a simple temple ceremony 2 years ago. Here are the two temple priests who performed the marriage ceremonies. And here are the photos and the marriage invitation card".

The two temple priests came forward with folded hands and a shy smile on their faces.

The photos showed them exchanging garlands with each other, Sudhir tying the mangal sutra around her neck, both of them posing side by side with the garlands, the temple and its location marked by its prominent name board, the 2 smiling priests standing on either side of them, and the four close friends of Sudhir standing on either side of them exhibiting their happiness.

Even though everyone was sure about some sensational announcement from her and waiting for her to say that it came as a shock when she made this announcement.


"2 years back?"

"How come?"

When an agitated scribe asked the above questions everyone burst out with laughter and were joined by Sudha and Sudhir.

Sudha asked the journalist "Why not? Should I not get married?" which again evoked a round of laughter from all.

With tons of castor oil flowing from his face the embarrassed journalist said "I didn't mean that way madam. What I meant was ... we didn't know about that ..."

He was fumbling for words, which again prompted many persons to smile.

She continued, "Even though we got married in a temple two years ago, we are getting married now formally in the next few days. We shall let you know the details in a day or two".

After she made a brief summary of the circumstances which preceded the marriage some journalists asked her what she proposed to do now.

Was she going to continue with her acting career or was she thinking of retiring from films and settling down in life as a house wife?

She said "I will abide by whatever Sudhir says now".


To be continued....

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