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Murder Most Foul - 18

by Bala

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It took more than 4 days to finalize his plan to eliminate Raj.

The outline of the plan was something like this. He would keep sending some provocative and threatening sms messages to Sudha, Sudhir and Pritam in both hindi and english from the few cell phones in his hand.

He had a lot of SIM cards in his hand which had been purchased by using fictitious names and addresses.

He would send these sms messages from different places in Mumbai city during the day time only while his auto rickshaw was parked at different places during his daily running services carrying passengers.

By sending such sms messages from different locations he was sure that the police will not be able to find out who is sending them, so that he was safe but they would start doubting all three of them.

But the most important part of his plan included murdering Raj and disposing of his body without the police doubting him.

He was sure that the police has no reason to doubt him since he had never been charged with anybody's murder in the past. As far as the police were concerned he was only a pick pocket and a drug trafficker and not a murderer.

But still he did not want his body to be found out at any circumstances and that is the reason he wanted to use the information of his body being similar to that of Sudhir.


He planned to murder Sudhir first and dispose of his body!

When the police and all the relatives, friends and contacts of Sudhir frantically start searching for his body, he would murder Raj, disfigure his face to some extent and plant his body in the forest area near the film city.

After a day or so, he would make an anonymous phone call to the police stating that a body was lying at the place where he would plant Raj's body.

The police would conclude that the body they found at the film city area was that of Sudhir and not that of Raj.

Once they conclude that the murdered man was Sudhir their suspicion would be on Sudha and Pritam and he would be nowhere in the picture since he had no connection with any of them.

Naturally he would not be in their list of murder suspects and so he was safe from that angle.

But still he was worried because even though he was safe in the Sudhir murder plan, he was a bit jittery in the Raj murder plan.

He kept saying to himself again and again, Raj's absence will not be a problem.

But he got scared that a man found missing for a few weeks was one thing but found missing for ever was something else and due to this difference whether he would become vulnerable.

Without much conviction he kept assuring himself that since his name was not in the police records as a murder suspect in any murder cases he need not feel worried.

Having made the overall plan he kept revising it throughout the day and the night to make sure that everything went without a hitch.

As planned he kept sending sms messages to all 3 of them namely, Sudha, Sudhir and Pritam giving sufficient gaps between them.

He kept following Sudhir without his knowledge to choose a convenient place and time of his murder.

He kept talking to Maya and Rachna in an effort to induce them to spend a few nights with Raj by promising to pay them well from his pocket in addition to whatever Raj would give them for their "services" to him.

But it was very important for them to gently provoke Raj to compare himself with Ganga Ram and say that they liked Ganga Ram for his wrestling skills and try to gently pull Raj's legs since he did not know wrestling and challenge him whether he would like to learn wrestling etc.

If Raj fell a prey to this bite and actually started learning wrestling from Ram, they would get additional money from him and also that Raj would get whiskey or rum as per his choice.

Initially the girls refused to even entertain the thought of meeting Raj but with continuous persuasion they reluctantly agreed to meet Raj once only, provided Ram gave the money to them in advance.

Once they agreed, Ram sent word to Raj through a mutual contact that he can enjoy the company of Maya and Rachna the following week, provided he paid them well.

Delighted he promptly spent a night with each of them and asked them to come again and again.

Since Raj was more particular about Maya than Rachna, Ganga Ram sent Rachana first but she was not supposed to talk about wrestling on her first visit itself but just restrict herself to do everything to please Raj and leave.

It was left to Maya to challenge Raj to learn wrestling. Raj took the bite and agreed to learn wrestling from Ram since he knew that Ganga Ram was a good wrestler.

After sending them again for another night each with Raj, Ganga Ram met Raj after a couple of days when Raj broached the subject of wrestling and asked Ram whether he would teach him the sport.

After pretending that it may not suit Raj much due to some non existing technical reasons, Ram agreed to teach him wrestling in a step by step manner and he cautioned Raj that it might take a few weeks and hence he asked Raj to be mentally prepared.

Even though Raj was not much interested, the thought of spending nights with Maya and Rachna was a great inducement for him and as Maya had clearly made it a point to learn wrestling as a precondition for him to get her services and show her that he was actually doing that he was making himself ready.

To be continued....

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