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Murder Most Foul - 8

by Bala

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Sudha acted in a few films in small roles and also continued her singing activities with Sudhir. None of the musical troupe members were informed about their marriage though.

Then she got a break from a big banner film company with an author backed challenging heroine's role which made her very busy with continuous shootings.

She could not spare the time for her musical troupe programs which made it very difficult for Sudhir, since only through such musical programs they were able to remain in touch with each other, not otherwise.

He was frustrated and understood that Sudha would be frustrated too, but marveled at Sudha's intelligence and vision in boldly asking him to marry her secretly in a temple since she had anticipated such problems.

As the shootings proceeded week after week and as she was getting rave reviews from the inner circle of the film industry for her extra ordinary talents she became aware of the fact that she could make a few demands to the producer or the director or the story writer boldly.

That's when she suggested that Sudhir should sing at least one song in that film, preferably the most important song!

The music director and the director of the film discussed the matter with the producer and the distributors. The music director had attended some of musical programs of Sudhir and Sudha and was aware of his singing capabilities and so he had no objection in giving him a break in the film as a playback singer.

The big banner production company produced this film as a launching pad mainly for Sudha with some new faces including a new hero and a few other new faces as supporting actors and actresses along with some experienced character actors and actresses. That being the case the new music director did not face a big problem if he used a new playback singer for the hero.

One thing led to the other and ultimately Sudhir was the main playback singer for the film and he sang 4 solos and one duet with another upcoming female singer who gave playback for Sudha for her scenes in which she was supposed to be singing on screen!

The film was released when Sudhir sat down for his final year's final exams in April - May of that year. After a sluggish opening week, the film slowly picked up in popularity and then steadily rode to become a big hit!

Articles began to appear in plenty about Sudha and Sudhir having been very successful stage singers for the past few years and surprises were expressed for some female singer giving her play back even though she was also a thoroughly trained carnatic musician.

There were also plenty of articles hinting about her budding romance with Sudhir!

One of the main questions in the interviews with the press and TV was whether there was any truth in the rumors of her romance with Sudhir. She had to reply to that question plenty of times and she did a marvelous job - sometimes with a simple "No" or sometimes with some light hearted joke, sometimes angrily, sometimes in a sarcastic manner etc

The magazines started demanding that she should henceforth sing her songs herself and should not permit any playback singers for her!

Her mother was on cloud nine. All her dreams which she had been quietly cultivating for so many years were coming true now. She started discussions with various producers and directors for meaty roles and hefty payments for her future films. Producers were willing to hand over blank cheques to Sudha if she was willing to accept their films.

Her mother also persuaded the producers to give chance to her husband with some contracts pertaining to his technical capabilities. Here she was not so successful since not all the producers were willing to give him a chance as demanded by her mother.

Sudhir on the other hand was going through a turmoil of various kinds.


To be continued....

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May 30, 2013
by: Bala

Thanks for your comments Nuggehallipankaja. Hope that you enjoy the novel. It is encouragement from readers like you that will be a great motivation to write good stories or novels.

May 28, 2013
by: nuggehallipankaja

Sustaining interest so far,but ofcourse,for a novel, the final opinion can be given only at the end.

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