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Muted Knot

by Dr. Tulika Sarkar
(Kolkata, West Bengal, India)

I can perceive the echoes of the late night beyond the hills that encircle my community.

I make an effort to listen more, but understand nothing;

I open my eyes, but I don't see anything,

Even with my eyes closed, I am unable to catch anything;

Numerous mountains are beyond my ability to climb.

It can be a young woman's tragic narrative;

It might be a grandmother's fairy tale—

It can be the anguish in a farmer's chest;

Even the well-known tune escapes my recognition!

A young woman's tragic tale came to an end,

The grandmother's nighttime fantasy tale has come to an end.

The agony of a farmer's chest is also over,

Nevertheless, I was unable to acknowledge that familiar tune!

The gleaming morning sun is felt on my dark hair;

My eyelids' fog begins to evaporate.

The screams of thousands of awakened individuals reached the sky, shattering the mountains of barricades;

That's when I heard the roar of the human's sea,

The footsteps of a fresh day are audible to me.


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