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My girlfriend wants me to become a Star!

by Prajitha Nambiar

On a rainy day I was sitting at office without having a frame of mind to work. Since that was Friday, I had a plan of leaving the office earlier than regular office ending hours. I went to the conference room.

“Today I would leave early as I had no pending task”. I informed my manager.

“Buddy, if you do not have any pending task then google few technical materials and upgrade your skills.” He replied in a diplomatic way.

I got annoyed with his answer. Without saying a single word I went back to my seat and started murmuring.
“Why this boob asking me to google and learn at this time?”
Unexpectedly, I got a call from an anonymous number. I received the call without any interest to speak. The person in other end made known to me in a polite way.

“Hello sister, my name is Hashim. I am your school junior. We had a plan of making a college magazine. Could you please write a story or an article?”

“Sure Hashim. I will try to write a story and update you.” I replied, without thinking much.

“Thank you so much sister. Please complete it at the earliest. I'm already late.”
He disconnected the call with full of hope and happiness.

I started thinking of a story to write. After thinking so much nothing could frame in my mind.

I went to the canteen and had a cup of tea with my colleague. He was talking about new mobile and technology. But inside my mind, I was framing a story to write. After a few minutes of talk we went back to our workplace.
I started writing a story about an IT professional and his unbalanced life. After a couple of hours I had completed almost four pages.

By the time I could see many were switching off their computers and leaving to their homes. Only I and very few members who work in odd time were left out in the floor. I turn back my chair and tried to view outside of office premises. The entire street light was on. Vehicles were moving like ants since traffic not letting them to go speedily. The road and public were looking tremendous.

“Buddy.. Are you not going home?”
Voice of my manager blows me for a moment. I replied back.
“Yes. I am about to complete one story for a magazine. I may leave after that.”
“Ohoo.. Great! For which magazine?”
“It is for one college magazine.”
“Did you study there? ”
“No. it is situated in my home town. My friends are there.”
“hoo..Outsiders also can write in college magazine! Great chance.”
He left the office premises soon.

“hoo..Outsiders also can write in college magazine!”
His last question touched my mind for a moment. I have seen in many college magazines even stories from outsiders got published. But everyone was celebrities or politicians! How did I get a chance to publish?

To clarify my doubt, I made a call to the younger friend who asked me to write a story.
“Hey Hashim ..”
“Sister,you completed the story so soon?”
“Yeh.. I am about to complete the story. But I had one doubt. That is the reason I made a call to you.”
“Tell me, please.”
“How did I get a chance to write in your college magazine as I am not a student of that college?”
“Sister, The reason I will let you know later. Please complete the story quickly.”
“No Hashim. Without knowing the reason, I won’t complete the story.”
“Sister, I had a plan of giving this story on my name to publish and I would prefer your simple writing style.”
“What the hell are you talking? Why do you want to publish my story on your name?”
“Sister, in my college everyone is good at writing, music, sports etc. My girlfriend asked me to do something like this to get the visibility. So I thought of getting a story from you. Would you please complete that and give to me at the earliest? I can pay you if you are OK with it!”

Without saying a single word, I disconnected the phone call. I erased all the words I had written for him, and then packed up my laptop.

I slowly started walking from the premises to the road with full of annoying feelings.
Well, His words “I can pay you if you are OK” made me un-sleepy for a while !!


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Mar 01, 2017
by: Name

GOOD ONE-a story written in very simple language. I love the way you write dear writer. - - Sunil Nath

Mar 01, 2017
Good one...
by: Bindu manohar


Jun 13, 2016
Good short story..
by: Sunil

Was wondering what that story could be...

Sep 15, 2015
Really nice ....
by: Vijay nirmal

really a nice short story expecting more stories form u

Jan 19, 2015
by: Ambili

and sample as always!

Jan 12, 2015

u can create impresive storymood prajitha....waiting to read more

Jan 12, 2015
by: Sunu Jose

Great...long way to go...buddy...!
All the best...! :)

Jan 12, 2015
Utter Reality
by: Amith

I was wondering whether he will pay and buy extra 'muscle power' after he marries too...!!

Jan 12, 2015
nice one
by: anjali menon

good story prajitha.keep it up!

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