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My Guru Shirdi Saibaba

by Rajalakshmi Boggavarapu
(Bengaluru, India)

I used to worship GOD from childhood occasionally whenever my parents insisted. As I grew older I started to think only hard work makes your life successful. But there comes a day in everyone's life where each one of us realize the importance of a Guru in order to lead life in the right path.

Guru can come in any form either as your parents, teacher, friend, children each one's life but for me it is Baba Shirdi Sai who is more than any GOD to me. It's only the self realization that makes you think about your Guru who sets your life path right. He is the one who makes you win even if the game is way too difficult to play. For this he expects not expensive gifts in return but mere faith and patience.

My Father never used to worship any GOD. In his late 30's, he got to know about Shirdi Saibaba via a magazine of his manager. I don't know what exactly made him to believe Saibaba but that same evening he just got a paper cutting of Saibaba's image and started pasting it on one of the walls at home.

The very next day he started worshipping Saibaba's image on the wall and this became a routine. The very next month he got a big photo of Saibaba which was almost 5 ft tall.

I was amused seeing the faith of my father towards Saibaba and asked him why he got such a big photo. He explained to me that few days back he got a dream of Saibaba asking him to get a big photo and start worshipping instead of a paper cutting on the wall.

Gradually, all of us too started worshipping Saibaba but for me it took time to reach Saibaba and have faith in Him.

As I mentioned I was relying on my hard work from my childhood and never used to believe that worshipping God would help me even if I don't study or work hard. So, till 18 years of age I was just focusing on my studies through hard work and dedication. I was happy that I was able to succeed without anyone's help or praying God.

I got an engineering seat in one of the reputed colleges and was over confident by then.

Now here comes one fine day I fall ill due to normal fever and dry cough. I started feeling weak day by day travelling to college with that extreme cough. No medicine and no doctor was helpful. My health condition was so bad that doctors started screening me for tuberculosis. I couldn't focus on studies.

Gradually, my health got worse and couldn't tolerate the pain. I just prayed Saibaba to help me get rid of this pain if he's really listening to my prayers. The same night I got a dream of Saibaba holding my palm and assuring me that I will soon be fine with good health.

I still can't believe this miracle and within a week I was normal and till date I have never come across any kind of cough even in the worst weather conditions. I am so much grateful for the wonderful gift of Saibaba.

Since I was over confident about my studies, first time in my life, I saw my name on the notice board with the result FAIL. It was unexpected and disappointing situation for me. I lost my self-confidence. I lost hope. No friends to support me. I was totally shattered by then. Now I started giving up on everything. Life was like a zero for me.

My father and mother being very much supportive, they encouraged me to move on as per the proverb "Failure is the stepping stone for the success".

No, it didn't work for me either. I told my father, "No dad, I can't continue this." My father lately realized that I stopped worshipping Saibaba after my health got improved. He suggested me to have faith in Saibaba and worship him for 9 Thursday's fasting and with patience. He promised me that Saibaba would definitely help me through this phase.

I started to worship Saibaba and tried to talk to him sharing my problems. Somewhere deep inside, I still had a dilemma whether Saibaba would really help me if I pray to him? Or should I still work hard to clear my exams?

No, I was not in a condition to study so many subjects and I couldn't focus. Finally, I gave up on hardworking...It ALONE doesn't help you succeed, we need a Guru who helps us and pass through tough time easily.

I just prayed Saibaba and sat for the exams. As usual question papers were so tough I wasn't able to answer correctly. I just thought of Saibaba and wrote some formula's which I could remember at that point of time. I knew I would definitely fail in all the subjects as I dint study for exams properly and attended with blank head.

I didn't go to check the results of my engineering final exams. But my Guru Saibaba has already cleared my exams. I was in tears when my friend called me and said..That I had passed exams with First Class. I repeat hardworking only doesn't succeed and one needs Guru's help to succeed in Life.

My faith in Guru Saibaba increased day by day and He's become my Life.

Jai Sairam !!!


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