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My journal: A wife's diary

by Ten Surf
(Bangalore, Karnataka)

Dear Diary,

Lies, deceit… I know the exact meaning of these words now. What is love? I will never know the answer for that anymore. This is how you will feel exactly, when you know that your husband is cheating on you. Do you ever know the feeling, that when you find out that your husband spends time with another woman and comes back to you? I never thought this will ever happen to me, because we were the happiest couple we knew. But once in a while life gives us a slap here and there.

I agree. I agree that like all the other couples we too had a lot of fairytale episodes and also our fair share of rough patches. I just got stuck in that sweet period, but Neville came out. That’s what it looked like, when I saw him with that low life, Ashley. What else can you call a person, when they try to steal your husband from you? Did she ever know what we have been through? How we managed to be in this place now? No. She will never know. That’s because she doesn’t exist anymore.

I made myself clear that only one of us should be alive, when I saw them together. I can’t kill him, I loved him once. He lived in my heart once. But I can watch him suffer, as I did. So I made him suffer, by making him lose the love of his life. He took the love of my life from me, so I took his. He thought I was oblivious, he didn’t know that he was.

The first time I saw them both in a restaurant in the middle of the day, where I and Neville were supposed to meet later that evening. I came there earlier to surprise him by arranging a cake for that evening, since it was his birthday. But instead he surprised me, holding her hand and telling her not to worry about me, that if I ever came to know about them, I will just shout for some time and eventually I will leave. It was like I died already, when I saw that.

I sacrificed my carrier and my parents so that I could be with him. I gave all my life savings to him, so that he could start the business he wants. But what he did was unacceptable. He used me, to be where he is now. But no, I can’t just leave him alone. I won’t. He doesn’t get to win.

The next day I just waited for him to leave to work and I followed him. I found her house. Only at that time I knew that they work together. The next day she was sent to a Mental Health Facility, my husband got arrested and I stayed at home with all the money, my darling husband left for me. This is what I
get for my faithfulness and this is what he pays for his unfaithfulness.

What happened is a million dollar question. Why suddenly everything is upside down? They both will never know the answer for this. But I do, because I made my husband a murderer and sent his girlfriend to a Mental Hospital overnight. I wanted them to suffer and they did.

I should thank his sister Ruby, for this, because she is the only reason for all this to happen. She was my best friend, even before I got married to Neville. She was also the partner for the business he runs. We were one beautiful family before all this happened. When I told Ruby about Neville’s affair, she decided to help me avenge him.

We planned like this, that Ruby comes to know about his affair and asked them both to come to her house to talk about it and then he kills Ruby, since she didn’t accept and threatened Neville that she will tell this to me. That’s how we framed it to be. So we wanted him to come to Ruby’s house that night along with Ashley.

They both came as we planned. They thought that they could convince her, but instead they found her dead body there. They started screaming and after a minute I appeared unexpectedly and they were shocked to see me. I called the police immediately and I became the witness of the murder. Neville got arrested and Ashley was screaming that she didn’t do it and also her behavior got worse, so she was locked in a Mental Health Facility, according to the Court Orders.

One may ask, what happened to Ruby? That’s another million dollar question, for which nobody knows the answer. Of course everybody knew that she died, but how? Only I knew that. It’s so simple. When I was thinking what to do, Ruby came to my mind. As Neville used me, I used his sister to frame him. Yes, I killed Ruby and sent Neville to jail for that.

Ruby and I had a plan. But I had a separate plan. I came to Ruby’s house before Neville and Ashley. I killed Ruby with a knife, with her brother’s fingerprints on it. And then everything happened as I planned. Whenever we plan a crime, we should leave no witness. Ruby was my witness for the entire thing. So I decided not to leave her.

Neville cheated on me and eventually paid the price. His sister just died in vain. Ashley deserved to be where she is. As for me, I am so happy. I am not happy because Neville’s in jail or Ruby is dead or Ashley will rot in that hospital. I am so glad that I am free again. I feel so good about myself again.

I will meet u soon, with the updates of Neville’s prison time and Ashley’s status. Until then….

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Apr 11, 2017
by: meenu

Not good.To live free life,killing an innocent friend,who supported against her brother.

Mar 04, 2017
by: Amirhesam


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