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My Pandemic Companion

by Sudha Chandrasekharan
(Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India)

Time to stop living in the Bed….let’s move on to the settee now…

My beloved Bed,

It’s now more than a year of living, loving, experiencing and hating the pandemic totally. It is high time we put an end to it. I am really sick and tired of you being my work area, my tea room, and my café and play station. Enough is enough and I am now moving forward…..

It’s hard to believe that it is already 12 months and even more since we have been thrown together. Well, Happy anniversary to you! Kindly accept my heartfelt thanks and quit worrying as I will soon be singing praises to our amazing association on Face book. Now that there is a long alliance between us, should we or should we not exchange bedding pledges? I feel it will definitely be a good and valid excuse to finally get out of my nightwear. Although I love you, I often question myself whether our partnership is borne more out of anguish and distress?

Now, let me tell you something, I’d be definitely bluffing if I said there was no attraction or chemistry in the beginning. In fact, both of us have a long history of tossing and turning in each other’s arms. Just as in any other relationship, we began as just friends. It was more like cronies who would rush to each other at the slightest hint of sorrow. The thing that I loved most about you was that you were ever ready for the game of role-play, and at once became whatever I desired you to be – a couch, a tea table, a work table or a haven that I wanted to resuscitate my ‘zero -charged’ body and mind.

You were there for me whenever I needed you. During my initial years of growing up, you converted yourself to a cave on summer afternoons when it is extremely hot. I crawled under you and into my make-believe world. Just at the back of the spider-web curtain was my domain that nobody could enter.

The book that I was reading then transported me to a world where a benevolent old lady consoled kids in trouble, but not before serving them with cakes and chocolate milk shake. On getting bored of conjuring up my own creativity and imagination, I would lie down on you, dead to the whole world! I remember those good old days when you would turn into a den when my cousins visited us during their summer holidays. We all stuck to one another like glue, chattering away about God-knows-what until we heard our moms’ voices calling out for us to come and have our evening snack!

You were always there for me, whether in sun or in rain, like any good friend.

My dearest, you have seen silent cries, dreamy sighs and sleepless nights – you have seen everything. You are the only spectator in the theatre of my life and have been a witness to the various phases that I have undergone- as a shy bride; a brooding wife; a totally exhausted mother; and an aggressive woman retrieving her life. You are the one with whom I lost and regained myself over and over again. It felt almost like my true love.

I have had spells of yearning and
pining when I spent exceptional times far away from you. At the end of a long tiring day, as I would be slumped on the table at my work area fully exhausted, your vision on four legs would hover around me- waving out to me and teasing me with the guarantee of a beautiful and satisfying union at the end of a long tiring day…

Even before Tom Cruise in Jerry Maguire uttered those three words “You complete me” to Renee Zellwegger, I was already whispering my incessant allegiance to you. My dearest, you were my rock where I could divulge my true unkempt self in shapeless dresses in several summers fully drenched in my sweat. Oh, I knew the level to which you would sink as I dumped myself on your lap with piles of books with no intention of reading.

Alas, all good things must come to an end!

Our cushy relationship too saw an eventful shift during the WFH pandemic. All of a sudden I started seeing too much of my family, which was really disturbing. I love my family, but it was suffocating to see them occupy each and every corner of the house and transforming it into their Zoom call rooms. I was a refugee in my own house and had no place of my own but you.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting me when I most needed you but I feel it’s now time to move on. Sure, you still look awesome. But to think seriously with no social life anywhere in sight, I am really tired of using you as my work area, my tea room, my café, my fine dine and play station….. Your ability to perform role-play that was so enticing during the pre-pandemic days now feels like a custodial sentence. Hmmm, I feel bored sitting and lying on you all the time and we are now gradually losing one another. Things have gone that bad that our power naps don’t thrill me anymore.

You were really great as a prohibited pleasure but not as an unholy alliance.

I feel that it is the “too much familiarity” issue that several couples face during the pandemic. This has been keeping me awake all night, thinking whether we are meant to be glued together as I see the possibility of another lockdown looming large in front of me. I have noticed your accusing looks when you saw me spending a huge amount of time with the settee. But what can be done? The guy is powerful and dark, and makes me feel very comfortable. Listen, I am not saying that you are dull but I feel our relationship has turned a full circle. If you really really love me my darling bed, I request you to please set me free. Now, if I return to you sometime, take it that I was always yours; or else, I consider that we were never meant to be!! Do not ever worry for you will never be bereft of company. I have often seen my husband looking at you lovingly before he dives into your warm embrace.

Mind you, I am not jealous about this but do make sure that he never competes for space in my settee.

Truly yours,
Your onetime friend!


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Jul 21, 2021
My Pandemic Companion
by: Your Name:Sudha Chandrasekaran

Many thanks for your very encouraging comment
Ms Gayathri Devi.Glad to know that you enjoyed reading the article.

Jul 20, 2021
wonderfully articulated
by: Gayathri Devi Dutt :

The pandemic woes that has made an impact on everyone's lives is narrated mixing humour and misery, yet not losing the reality thread.I liked the narrative style very much. very impressive.

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