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My Parents:The Exceptional Souls

by Alfisha Siddiqui
(Etawah, India)

You both are my special and ever lasting memory,
Soo exclusive and universal like sun
And I am obliged to you, for making me
Who I am today or will be.

You both are my paradise,
Soo wonderful and unexplainably loving like heaven
And I am delightful for having such wonderful souls,
Who are world's best ever.

You both are the part of my heart
Soo obligatory and amiable like willow
And I am immensely blessed for being the part of you,
Who are just as fetish.

You both are my fortunate,
Soo blissful and compendium of all virtues like God
And I am glorified for such irresistible power,
Who are the personifier of reality.

You both are my philosopher and guide,
Soo affirmed like an artist
And I am hymnic for certain mentor,
Who are the perfector of sanity .

Mom, you are my tone and Dad, you are my voice,
You both put my rhythm like life in an
admirable paradigm,
And being your child I can not cover up my thanks to you.
But still........THANKING YOU.


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