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My Rimless

by Aryan Saha
(Konnagar, West Bengal, India)

It was a Tuesday sunny morning,
“Mom, you promised me of buying
A rimless spectacle.”
Mom retorted, “Yes! I remember! Rimless spectacle!”
“So, what are we waiting for?
Let’s go and grasp it.”
Mom replied sarcastically,
“Your food won’t be going into my stomach.”

At noon when we went to the store,
“Oh my God! I didn’t think, I would look so handsome.”
Mom asked me whether it was perfect for me.
I am a perfectionist and so I’ll take it.
Okay, I’ll pay a thousand bucks.

Here and there and everywhere,
People were continuously staring at me.
My friends said, “You just put Anand down.”
And I was always the topic of discussion
Of the teachers, “Looking good.”

But on Monday,
A bastard, beside me
Rose his hand up to ask a doubt,
But the pressure applied by his hand, was
Way more to break my rimless.
And the drops of my tender eyes kept on falling,
But it was disturbed
By a war of twenty twenty three,
And a history was created in the history class.


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