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Mysterious Disappearances-13-continued...

by Nirupama Akella

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The door opened and Parul walked in, face black like thunder. Shiksha sat up quickly.
“So?” she asked excitedly.
“Nothing,” said Parul flexing her fingers. “I told you that before…….if the police could not find anything what gave you the idea that I would?”
The door opened again and Lata walked in. She stared at Shiksha and Parul and cleared her throat. She said, “‘Find what?”.
“How was your debate?” Parul asked her. “Actually I know all about it because some of your buddies are downstairs in the canteen talking loudly about it.”
“Find what?” Lata said sitting on the bed.
“You tell her, ‘Parul said motioning to Shiksha. “My back is broken.”
“But don’t you clean windows with your hands?” Lata asked. “What’s going on?”
“I was on a search mission and so had to bend at times,’ explained Parul scowling. “And then Uma complained that I was not doing my share of window cleaning and whether she should recommend me for floor cleaning.”
“Search Mission?” Lata said arching her brows. Shiksha cleared her throat and recounted succinctly to a very curious Lata.
“So, did you find anything?” Lata asked Parul when Shiksha had finished.
“Nothing! Not even a scrap of paper! The police must have found that- NOTHING,” Parul said glaring at Shisha.
“OK, don’t get upset,” soothed Shiksha. “It was just an idea.”
“A very stupid idea.”
“What time is it?” Lata asked plaintively. “I am starving……”
“Nearing two,” Parul said looking at her wrist watch. She moved towards the door saying, “If I ever don’t make it big in Psychology, career wise…I can always turn to window cleaning as a career choice.”
Lata giggled as the door closed and said, “Hey, show me Jyotsana’s report? Even I want to read it now.”
Shiksha picked it up from her table and gave it to her.“Happy Reading,” she said winking at Lata.


To be continued....

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