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Mysterious Disappearances-22-continued...

by Nirupama Akella

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‘We will go back to our station and deal with missing cats, Pathak! While they, ‘he gestured towards Singh and the experts ‘will go back to Delhi! You will write a complete report, don’t forget to use this, ‘’he took out the wire that Parul had been wearing all the time, ‘Have the full confession here- Sister was following in the steps of Robin Hood, the only difference is he killed bad people and she killed her own student!,’ he sighed, ‘SAD! BUT TRUE! Today we learnt a little more about the reasons for murder!’, Pathak looked on as if in a trance as Inspector Chauhan continued in his nasal voice, ‘Life will go back to normal, I will drink tea in my office and listen to town gossip!’

‘What is going to happen here?’

‘Here?’, Inspector Chauhan frowned, ‘well….. we are recommending that the Old Wing be torn down…..the college will have a new Principal now and a smaller budget I hope……… ,’ he paused reflectively, ‘maybe Sue Danely will take over as Principal…..she will be good…….by the way is Bahadur fine?’

‘He is being kept in the hospital for a few more days…for observation…he was acting queer yesterday…!’

‘Never leave him with dead bodies alone…lets go!’

They waved and walked out- a bell rang and girls rushed out into the open corridors and there a constant buzz of chatter and laughter. They made their way to the gates- to their jeep and climbed in. Junior Constable Pathak looked back at the entrance sign, “MAYFAIR COLLEGE FOR WOMEN”, and smiled as the jeep lurched forward and the sign slowly disappeared from view.

The End

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