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Mysterious Disappearances-2....continued...

by Nirupama Akella

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She was not at all enthusiastic about being packed off to Mayfair College for two whole years before she finished schooling completely. But there was nothing to be done, in two hours she would be sitting in Ms. Chadda’s white Maruti and zipping through the streets to the college. The College, she had been informed was one of the best and expensive educational institutions in India, situated on a hill, manned by nuns and with all possible kinds of extra curricular activities and opportunities -- a place where she, Jyotsana Patel should go and study.

“Jyotsana…” she shifted her weight from one foot to the other, it was Ms. Chadda calling. Ms. Roshini Chadda was sweet, very kind and friendly but maybe too overbearing.

“There you are,” Jyotsana looked up into a sallow thin spectacled face of Roshini Chadda.

“I have been looking all over for you! Maybe we should have something to eat now,” Ms. Chadda mused aloud. “Come along then. Lila will fix us something!”

Lila Hari was the live in maid -- a garrulous shrewd creature in her late thirties carrying a wailing infant under her arm. “Lila…,” Ms. Chadda was through the door, then she turned back and said with a smile, “ Don’t worry! Mayfair College is a very good college. Nothing bad ever happens there!”

Somehow her comforting words struck a dire note and Jyotsana shivered, and followed Roshini Chadda out of the room.


Novel - continued here - Chapter 3 ...

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