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Mysterious Disappearances-9-continued...

by Nirupama Akella

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“Is that all?” Gayatri asked.

“Oh no!” said Nandita. “Then there are all those grants which Sister gives to those charities -- a very good cause I also say -- but she takes it from the college and we are nearly broke and cannot afford it and we are having this cultural festival again on a much grander scale -- so more money!”

‘Why don’t you tell Sister?’

“She told me not to worry,” said Nandita running a hand through her hair. “But I do worry. After all it is one of my job functions to see to the cash flow in the college and I am telling you the college coffers are empty but still Sister goes through with these grand very expensive ideas for the college. I don’t know where she is getting the money from? Do you?”

“No idea that the college was short of cash!” remarked Gayatri.

“Did the previous Principals also indulge in expensive spending?”

“Better ask Matron,” said Gayatri looking at her watch. “The bus is late as usual. Matron and Chhaya Das were employed by Vera Ponzo, the previous Principal. Of course now Das is ridding herself of all responsibilities and passing them on to Matron. Matron I think will be the interim Vice- Principal for a couple of semesters…”

“So I guess Chhaya Das won’t know anything. Anyway she dislikes me,” Nandita sniffed. “But all this excess spending is worrying -- every time Sister suggests some grand scheme Iwonder where she is getting the money from?”

‘Well…no one else knows about it for sure,” sighed Gayatri. “You do lead an exciting life knowing everything that goes on in the college!”

“Believe me, Ignorance is Bliss!” said Nandita. “And I think you are well- informed about who is going to be what in the future. Here comes the bus! Come on!”


To be continued.....

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Jul 16, 2013
Great story
by: Swati

I think I know this author, we were in school together in Delhi, Frank Anthony Public School!
It was a nice suprise to read her story here, I dont normally do. But my daughter is reading it and told me to and I was bored and so read it.
Real nice and I know her also.

Jun 30, 2013
Nice story
by: Bala

I have been reading this novel and enjoying the nice narration. It is flowing very well and the suspense of whether the culprit will be found out - how soon? is really very engaging. Keep it up.

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